{2012 Southern Living Idea House} through our eyes, Living Room

Bess here again to share another ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Southern Living Idea House. For all of you who have the publication-you did get to see the majority of the Living Room. What you don’t realize about homes that are published is that a certain area can have one of the most amazing things/items/collections in the entire space, but if the photographer can’t get a good shot of it then it will not be published. There is an amazing piece by artist Courtney J. Garrett  behind the sofa that fell into that category & we had to share it regardless ( image below).  The piece on the mantel of the old house is Courtney’s as well.


Mantel ‘before’

Mantel ‘after’



Thanksgiving Style Session and Give away at Simply Seleta

Seleta and I like to get together and design our style sessions…. sometimes we get busy and there is a large lapse of time between them.  But never fear we completed our Thanksgiving table style session.  Have you ever been over to see Seleta?  If not it is a must in the blog world.  Seleta and I love holiday table settings and a great way to add a little design in your life. 

I LOVE Thanksgiving.  Family, friends, yummy food, great conversations, and taking time to remember what you are thankful for.  This year around 28 people will be coming to our house for thanksgiving.  It will be loud and lots of fun!  I just bought my turkey.  I am going back through my recipes and baking plan (I actually do one counting backwards from serving time).  Seleta and I finished my Thanksgiving table early so we could share it with all of  you.  My dining room table is staying set like this until the big day (yes, we are eating at the coffee table).  Here are a few shots from our style session


These snuff bottles are from one of my favorite flea markets.  My mom is the best flea market-er (is that a word?) and I love when she introduces me to one of the great ones. 


Don’t forget to head over to Seleta’s blog for the entire session with more photos. 

I am so excited to get started cooking.  My other passion besides design is cooking for people I love.  If you ever want to read some of my recipes head over to my food blog… The farmer’s daughter  it is a fun place for me to share some of my love for the kitchen.  And, yes I am a farmer’s daughter.  We grew peanuts, cotton, corn, soy beans on the farm.  We raised pigs in the 80’s and my grandfather raised chickens and cows.  All around a farm girl.  My recipes are always with a southern twist.  So take a look and let me know what you think. 

I am thankful for my life and all the wonderful family and friends I get to share it with. 



weekend inspiration

Take one quick glance around our Rosemary Beach Shop this week and you will realize we are channeling various shades of Violet these days. It’s a bit more sophisticated than just ‘Purple’….more Lavendar with hints of Plum. This hue can be glamorized with sparkling accents like our assortment of Antique Mercury Glass Accessories and Vintage Glass Bottles. If you want a more casual look you can take a que from the pillows below and add more textural elements from nature like the jute fringe on our fish pillow. Hope everyone has happy & cool weekend because it is H.O.T.-hot here!


Flushmount lights

There are so many different types of lighting available for a home.  We love to find or design great pieces for our projects.  We do not like to “litter” the ceilings of our projects with can lights.  It doesn’t look great and there is no interest in the lighting design.  In a design  some ambient lighting and focused lighting for art are needed but other types of lighting create the overall finished look of a home.  A series of flushmount lights down a hall way or in a kitchen can look great and are a favorite element in our designs!  Sometimes great looking flush mounts are hard to find so we have narrowed the scope for you.  Here are a few of our favorites.  

One of our all time favorite flushmounts. Availble through Tracery.

We love the nautical look of this fixture. Available for purchase through Tracery.

Doug used this light in his kitchen. Available at Restoration Hardware.We love this classic schoolhouse light. Available through Tracery.

The other shape for the classic schoolhouse fixture. Available through Tracery.A modern take on a schoolhouse fixture. I have this fixture in my daughter's, Mallory, bath.