Mark your Calendars…

It’s that time of year again! Mark your calendars, enjoy lots of turkey, and come see us at Tracery this Friday and Saturday for our annual Post Thanksgiving sale!

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Receive 25% off everything in the shops, excluding special orders and original artwork! Come see us in Rosemary or at our Atlanta pop up shop for the special sale!

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This time of year we are thinking of the many things that we are so thankful for in our lives. We are thankful for our families and loved ones, our health, our wonderful clients and projects. (Oh, and did we also mention all of you blog followers?!)

Here are a few more things that we are giving thanks for this year..

PAIGE-I am thankful for Unsweet tea, Scarves, Boots, and Vacations I have taken.

MARY LEE-I am thankful for my Keurig coffee maker, Spin class, Country Club Khaki Nail Polish, and Maggie my high maintenance 4th child!

ANNA KAY-I am thankful for my new addition Beau, Murphy, Wonderful weather weekends to play on the boat or out in the sun, Pure Barre, Large closets and organization, and a glass of white wine

JENNY-I am thankful for our 6 chickens, Long sweaters, fall sunsets, and chit chatting with everybody who stops in the Rosemary Beach shop!

LESLIE-I am thankful for Good music, Road trips, Meeting new people, Sunsets on the gulf, My sweet golden retriever Ella (and of course, becoming a part of the Tracery team!)

SAVANNA-I am thankful for moisturizer. And no more campaign commercials!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Thanksgiving Table with Simply Seleta

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Hands down favorite.  Family, friends, food, drinks, and taking time to be thankful for our life is why I love the holiday.  This year I have 33 people both friends and family coming to my house for dinner on Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait to set my table and enjoy time with loved ones.  Speaking of setting the table… Seleta and I love our Thanksgiving stlyle session posts.  This is our post from last year and here is our post from 2010.  For our third year we are changining it up a bit.  Here on the Tracery blog you will see our “organgey pumpkin table”(I don’t think orangey is a word but it seems to work as a description in this instance) and over on Seleta’s blog you will find our “organic and mercury table”. So after you look through our post head on over to Seleta’s blog to check out our other look.

With this Thanksgiving Table we started with citrus(which looks fake in the photos but they are real… they are from the trees in Jenny’s yard), pumpkins (Seleta picked these up at our local grocery store), a tray from Tracery, and 2 glass hurricanes.  A very simple and fresh Thanksgiving table setting.  The pumpkins make great placecard holders also if your seating is assigned.

Gobble Gobble!  Happy Thanksgiving!



Thanksgiving Style Session and Give away at Simply Seleta

Seleta and I like to get together and design our style sessions…. sometimes we get busy and there is a large lapse of time between them.  But never fear we completed our Thanksgiving table style session.  Have you ever been over to see Seleta?  If not it is a must in the blog world.  Seleta and I love holiday table settings and a great way to add a little design in your life. 

I LOVE Thanksgiving.  Family, friends, yummy food, great conversations, and taking time to remember what you are thankful for.  This year around 28 people will be coming to our house for thanksgiving.  It will be loud and lots of fun!  I just bought my turkey.  I am going back through my recipes and baking plan (I actually do one counting backwards from serving time).  Seleta and I finished my Thanksgiving table early so we could share it with all of  you.  My dining room table is staying set like this until the big day (yes, we are eating at the coffee table).  Here are a few shots from our style session


These snuff bottles are from one of my favorite flea markets.  My mom is the best flea market-er (is that a word?) and I love when she introduces me to one of the great ones. 


Don’t forget to head over to Seleta’s blog for the entire session with more photos. 

I am so excited to get started cooking.  My other passion besides design is cooking for people I love.  If you ever want to read some of my recipes head over to my food blog… The farmer’s daughter  it is a fun place for me to share some of my love for the kitchen.  And, yes I am a farmer’s daughter.  We grew peanuts, cotton, corn, soy beans on the farm.  We raised pigs in the 80’s and my grandfather raised chickens and cows.  All around a farm girl.  My recipes are always with a southern twist.  So take a look and let me know what you think. 

I am thankful for my life and all the wonderful family and friends I get to share it with. 



bring it inside!

Our approach to flowers is much like our approach to everything else when it comes to interior design:  9 times out of 10, simple and natural is better.  While we don’t profess to be professional florists, we know enough to put together a simple and beautiful arrangement (and we have some really talented friends to help us when we need them to!).  One of our favorite ways to create natural looking arrangements that complement our interiors is to look just outside–literally, in the yard of a home.  If a flower or plant looks great on the outside of a home, chances are it will look just as good on the inside!  We thought today was a great day to share this trick with so much last-minute house cleaning and table setting taking place…

When we styled one of our Mountain Brook, Alabama projects for a photoshoot, we took our clippers out in the yard and brought some wonderful oak leaf hydrangea blooms inside.  Placed simply into a clear hourglass-shaped vase (our favorite style of container), these natural and slightly crunchy blooms are the perfect complement to the polished marble tabletop and antique french door in the background [photo by Colleen Duffley].

Doug took a similar approach in preparing his home for hall, clipping these bittersweet colored berries from his back yard and displaying them inside.

On the kitchen window sill, three white porcelain Ikea vases (we know, they look a lot more expensive then they are…Paige has the same ones in her kitchen!) are the perfect complement to these simple bits of fall color.

Doug placed a larger arrangement of the same branches on top of the vintage chest in his bedroom, again in an hourglass-shaped clear glass vase.


No need for an elaborate arrangement for your holiday table tomorrow, just look out the window and be inspired by the natural beauty in your garden!

casual holiday

Our series of Thanksgiving table setting ideas continues today with a decidedly different look from the one we featured yesterday.  If you’re spending your holiday in a relaxed getaway setting, why not set your table to match?

When we had the interior of a home in Watersound, Florida photographed, Paige chose to set the dining table with a casual placesetting that fit the mood of the home.

With breathtaking views all around, it wasn’t necessary to add lots of flowers and decoration…simple earthenware dishes and classic glassware is all you need to create a great dining experience in setting like this.


Don’t be afraid of mixing different colors and patterns together, especially if you are expecting a large crowd.  Here, two different colors of bowls mix happily on the table and help to reinforce the casual feel of the tablesetting.


[photos by Michael Granberry]