As mentioned below, our office is being relocated to our 72 Main Street location. This has been a very interesting process to say the least. We have realized that we might have a slight pack rat mentality and have had to purge a little. At the moment we are anxiously awaiting the movers’ arrival & our official arrival in our new ‘home’. It’s a stressful process, but exciting at the same time. I couldn’t help but share a few entertaining images from the process so far. Hopefully we will have a finished photo to share in a week or two!


Lots & lots of samples packed and ready to go.


Our new office is starting to look a little more like home.


Guess where the old desk used to be?! Oops!


Our handy man…not being so handy. Notice Paige is moving & Phillip is sitting. Guess everyone needs a break now and then? Oh well. Do I hear a moving truck outside? Time to run and whip that place into shape. Wish us luck!

More on the Southern Living Idea House


In the midst of all of this madness that is moving we are still very hard at work on all of our current projects. Paige has been busy making orders for shades for the windows and selecting a few final finishes for the Idea House. We were also sent the above rendering this past week that is an amazing representation of what the finished house will look like. Keep an eye out for it in the June issue of Southern Living.

Tracery is also lucky enough to be furnishing the Kiera Pool House that is located in the same development as the Idea House-Cinnamon Shore. It is going to be an amazing environment to sit back and relax poolside with a wonderful view of native landscapes.