[sneak a peak] 2010 CAA Showhouse for the arts

This is your first glimpse into our completed Library in this year’s CAA Showhouse for the arts located in Seaside, FL. Opening party tonight to celebrate all the hard work by so many local & talented designers! If you are in the area this summer from this weekend up until July 4th it’s a visual feast for the eyes. We promise not to disappoint!

[events by Tracery] Southwest Airlines party

Have you heard?  The brand new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is officially open, bringing international air travel to the Florida Panhandle region that we call home.  We’re excited to be able to welcome new visitors to our part of Florida and proud that we were able to be a part of the opening weekend for the new airport.  Teaming with our friend Kevin Boyle of Poor Truman Creative Services, Tracery styled a party this past Saturday night at Watercolor’s Fish Out of Water restaurant to welcome the Board of Directors and company executives from Southwest Airlines to our area.

The party was hosted by St Joe Company, the  developer of Watercolor and many other beloved communities in our part of Florida and our charge was to create an event that reflected the fun and upbeat culture of Southwest.  The event was also supposed to reference the four non-stop Southwest destination cities that can be reached from the airport — Baltimore/Washington DC, Houston, Nashville and Orlando.  Paige and Kevin developed a plan for the party early on that divided Fish Out of Water into 4 areas with each reflecting a destination city in theme, decor and menu.  Once our party plan was approved by St Joe and Southwest, we got to work on the details.

Fish Out of Water is located on the upper level of the Watercolor Inn and is reached via a staircase.  Kevin designed these fun adhesive graphics to guide the party guests up the stairs to the event.

We dressed each table with layers of fabric–white linens with red toppers created continuity between the different ‘cities’ while specifically themed fabric accents related to each area — blue stars and red and white stripes for Baltimore/Washington DC, bandanna print for Houston, music notes for Nashville and blue and white airplanes for Orlando.

The mood of this party didn’t seem to suit traditional flowers and candles on the tabletops so we created these coke can vases which we filled with red Gerber Daisies and flowers made from pretzels and peanuts — a fun reference to airplane food.  On the large round tables big glass vessels filled with whole peanuts featured origami paper airplanes arranged inside.  Kevin created the party safety cards pictured above as a tongue in cheek reference to the cards found in airplane seat backs.

We worked with the staff at Fish Out of Water to present the food for each ‘region’ in a creative way that referenced each destination city.

Even the dessert presentation received an airport themed treatment — a specially built Dessert Carousel topped with fondant suitcase cakes was the hit of the party and tied the entire theme of the event together in a really fun way.


Stairs in homes are traveled every day.  There are handrails for kids to slide down; stairs create a sense of movement, they allow details to be expressed, they connect a home….

Here are some stairs from some homes we have designed:

[the stair in a home we designed the renovation for in Rosemary Beach, Florida — photo by Michael Granberry]

[a light filled stairway in an Auburn, Alabama home we designed — photo by Colleen Duffley]

[waxed antique oak paneling adds drama to the staircase of a Mountain Brook, Alabama home we helped design a massive renovation for — photo by Colleen Duffley]

[a curved wall covered in painted horizontal planking defines the main staircase of a home at Lake Martin we designed]

[in the garden] diy Fresh Home planter box

As we mentioned [HERE]…we really love the newest magazine to hit the shelves these days, Fresh Home Magazine. It’s Domino married with Martha Stewart Living and full of amazing recipes, decor ideas & enough do-it-yourself projects to last a lifetime. Bess recently spent one sunny afternoon tackling  the above planter box for her rooftop garden. Her plan is to have four, two at each end of the roof overflowing with potted herbs or flowers.  

[What you need] 1″x4″ pine boards, corrugated metal roofing, sandpaper/electric sander, stain [below], stainless steel screws, an electric drill, a small power saw, drop cloth, rags & protective glasses. Bess used Behr Premium Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Finish in No. 500 Natural.

 The process… 

Ta da!

 A huge thanks goes out to Bess’ Dad, Rick, for doing the majority of the work so she could document. What big outdoor project are you getting ready to tackle? Or what big project do you wish you could tackle?

Click [MORE] for full instructions!

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