Hi All!  I am the chair for the Showhouse for the Arts located here along 30A.  This year will be the 3rd year.  We are doing a call to interior designers to submit to be part of this years showhouse.  If you are interested please email me at  and we will send you all of the information.  The home this year is BEAUTIFUL!  We are so excited.  The showhouse benefits the CAA (Cultural Arts Alliance) of Walton County.  The CAA is our local arts council and is part of all things “arts” along 30A.  Here is a sneak peak at a couple photos of the years house.

If you are not a designer then watch our blog for opening dates for the house and come visit!  It is going to be amazing and inspiring!  The house is already beautiful so I can not wait to see what all the designers add.  Tracery will be part of the showhouse plus other designers that are selected by our selection committee.

Do you remember our rooms for the past two years.  Here is a reminder….

I am already inspired!



Paige’s dining room before and after…

Hi!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It has been full of spring breakers here along the coast!  I am continuing my series about the move of our house.  Again, moving a house was a total EXPERIENCE but we loved it and we love our house.  Check out the living room post {here}… now on to  to the dining room.  You have seen it before {here} and {here}.  So you want to see before and during… here you go!

Pretty... huh?!?

well... here is half..


A better look at our ceiling and lights.

a little closer look.

So let’s go through the steps of the process.  We enlarged the “pass through” to make the view into the kitchen a full bar. We removed the 8′ popcorn (my worst nightmare) ceiling and exposed the structure.  Then we added the Reeves pendants (I love these- they are available through Tracery).  The walls are 1×6 horizontal t&g with a white wash.  The paint color is Benjamin Moore Decorators White.  The furnishings are a mix of antiques and new pieces that we have found and fell in love with.  I like the dining chairs but I am always on the look out for their ultimate replacement but I do love the modern feel mixed with the antique oak table.    The piece above the bar is from my granddad.  It is a gig.  What is a gig?  A gig is what you use to catch flounder.  Flounder is a local fish we have here in our area.  The cut in the floor goes underneath the dining table.  You could only see if it I pointed it out to you in person(which is completely remarkable to me.  We did not refinish the floors as you can see from the before picture.  I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of our dining room.  We hosts lots of dinner parties here, actually we are having one this Friday for a friend’s birthday.

Have a great week!



Tracery comes to NYC

Hey everyone, Doug here…blogging to you from high above the Meatpacking District at the Standard Hotel in New York.  I’m sitting here looking out the window at the Empire State Building reflecting on what a great visit we’ve had (I’m eating some late night Oreos from the minibar too!).  We are so excited to be working with an incredible client on a super chic office space on Fifth Avenue, in the heart of New York’s Midtown.  We can’t wait to show you the finished product…coming later this spring; but for now here are a few pics of the space, newly framed up and ready for sheet rock.



The views out of this space are AMAZING…we’re collaborating with Louis Nequette of Dungan Nequette Architects to create a space that’s light and bright and full of glass that allows everyone in the space to capture and enjoy what’s beyond the windows of this breathtaking 17th floor space.  The next time we show you pictures, this space will look MUCH different…fumed oak floors, crisp white paint on the walls and exposed ceiling and butt-jointed glass panels at the perimeter offices will all come together to create a space that’s slick and sharp and perfectly suited to the fast paced and innovative company that will call this place home.

New York always inspires us…there’s so much great design around every corner!  Tomorrow we’ll be sharing some images of things we saw during our trip that we found particularly inspiring so check back then for more.

new old chairs and great paintings

Hey! Paige here….busy week ahead!  Doug and I are headed to the Big Apple and AK, Bess, and Hannon are working on some of our other great new projects.  So for today we are loving these newly upholstered vintage chairs! They look awesome with the new pieces from artist Mallory Page.

And the winner is….. drum roll please….


Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments about 30A.  As a resident of 30A for 7 years and someone who visited since childhood I could not agree more with all your wonderful comments. 

Mike Ragsdale and Lynn Nesmith had their work cut out for them as the guest judges.  Mike has which is the place to go for all things 30A.  We use it to choose where to go listen to great music, places to eat, and everything else 30A.  Oh…. and I should not forget the app for your iphone… it is awesome.  So with all those credentials he was the perfect guest judge.  Lynn is the author of the book 30A Style, as well as, the book Seaside Style.  Lynn has lived in Seagrove for years and loves the beach and can be seen riding her bike to Seaside to the farmer’s market on Saturday and sitting on the beach with friends enjoying an iced tea or a cold beer (ok… I have to confess many times you can find me with Lynn on the beach with that cold beer!) All of this makes Lynn the other perfect judge!

So here are the winners:

I’ve never been to 30A before, but daydream about it often. It pains me to think that just a few hours away from the hustle, bustle, traffic and daily stresses of my life here in the Orlando, FL metropolitan area exists a place so quite the opposite. A place where architecture, interior design, and landscape planning actually matter. Where it is not all gas stations, strip malls, and used car dealership strewn about.

And as an avid enthusiast of New Urbanism architecture, 30A holds a special place in my heart for the mere facts of what it has done to change the architecture state of the world for the better. Its influence is far-reaching and indescribable.

The pictures I’ve seen of 30A truly do speak a thousand words, and these are among the words that come to mind: Easter egg blue water, napkin white sand that softly squeaks beneath the weight of my bare feet, towering palms that sway in gentle breezes and provide temporary shelter from unceasing bright sun rays which illuminate the surrounding nature, towns, and people.

All of this helps form a backdrop to one of the most architecturally significant slices of Florida. A place where design – both inside and out – is as important as food and water. A detail-oriented mecca that features a cornucopia of harmony, peace and happiness. A destination of old-fashioned Americana. A spit of sand showcasing life as it was meant to be – should be.

30A is not a fantasy. It is a reality. And I hope one day – sooner, rather than later – that it will be my reality. Until that can be possible, I’d like to have this book help me substitute being in 30A. Although it will most certainly be nothing like the real thing, I know it will continue along the same path as other collections of 30A images have, what with painting pastel pictures in my mind of premier paradisaical pursuits in a magical place known colloquially as 30A.

One day, 30A. One day.


Comment by Jamie March 15, 2011

and the other winner!

Why do I love 30A? Its Ambiance, Bewitching, Captivating, Darling, Enchanting, Fabulous, Gorgeous, Heavenly, Inspirational, Joyful, Kind, Lovely, Majestic, Nautical, Original, Paradise, Quiet, Romantic, Serene, Tranquil, Unforgettable, Vivacious, Whimsical, Xystus, Yummy, & Zealous!

Comment by Cindy March 14, 2011

Congrats Jamie and Cindy!  Email us at with your mailing address and phone number and your signed copy of 30A Style will arrive soon!



Give away!! “30A Style”

Happy Monday friends!  We are excited that the new coffee table book  30A Style is available now!  It features 22 homes along 30A in Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Seagrove, Seaside, Watercolor, and homes along our rare coastal dune lakes. Two Tracery projects are featured in the book including our own Paige Schnell’s home.  There are so many projects by so many great architects and designers featured in 30A Style.  Here are few:  Tracery, Dungan Nequette Architects, Urban Grace, McAlpine Tankersley Architecture, Gary Justiss Archietct, Suzanne Restor Watson, Susan Massey and so many more.  To celebrate this book by Lynn Nesmith with photography by Jean Allsopp we wanted to GIVE 2 AWAY!   The books will signed by the author and photographer….pretty cool, huh? 

Here is how to enter:  Just leave a comment about why you love 30A or if you have never visited then why you want to visit 30A!  You have until 6pm Tuesday March 15th to enter.  We will select and announce our winners on Wednesday March 16th.  

We have two guest judges who will select their favorite comment.  Lynn Nesmith (the book’s author) and Mike Ragsdale ( of   So comment away! 

 If you want to purchase the book.  It is located at both our shops and online {here}.

Also, come to our book signings:  This Wednesday March 16th 2-6pm at Rosemary Beach, Wednesday April 6th 2-6pm Rosemary Beach, and Tuesday April 12th 1-6pm in Mountain Brook.

Good Luck!