Hi All!  I am the chair for the Showhouse for the Arts located here along 30A.  This year will be the 3rd year.  We are doing a call to interior designers to submit to be part of this years showhouse.  If you are interested please email me at  and we will send you all of the information.  The home this year is BEAUTIFUL!  We are so excited.  The showhouse benefits the CAA (Cultural Arts Alliance) of Walton County.  The CAA is our local arts council and is part of all things “arts” along 30A.  Here is a sneak peak at a couple photos of the years house.

If you are not a designer then watch our blog for opening dates for the house and come visit!  It is going to be amazing and inspiring!  The house is already beautiful so I can not wait to see what all the designers add.  Tracery will be part of the showhouse plus other designers that are selected by our selection committee.

Do you remember our rooms for the past two years.  Here is a reminder….

I am already inspired!



Paige’s dining room before and after…

Hi!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It has been full of spring breakers here along the coast!  I am continuing my series about the move of our house.  Again, moving a house was a total EXPERIENCE but we loved it and we love our house.  Check out the living room post {here}… now on to  to the dining room.  You have seen it before {here} and {here}.  So you want to see before and during… here you go!

Pretty... huh?!?

well... here is half..


A better look at our ceiling and lights.

a little closer look.

So let’s go through the steps of the process.  We enlarged the “pass through” to make the view into the kitchen a full bar. We removed the 8′ popcorn (my worst nightmare) ceiling and exposed the structure.  Then we added the Reeves pendants (I love these- they are available through Tracery).  The walls are 1×6 horizontal t&g with a white wash.  The paint color is Benjamin Moore Decorators White.  The furnishings are a mix of antiques and new pieces that we have found and fell in love with.  I like the dining chairs but I am always on the look out for their ultimate replacement but I do love the modern feel mixed with the antique oak table.    The piece above the bar is from my granddad.  It is a gig.  What is a gig?  A gig is what you use to catch flounder.  Flounder is a local fish we have here in our area.  The cut in the floor goes underneath the dining table.  You could only see if it I pointed it out to you in person(which is completely remarkable to me.  We did not refinish the floors as you can see from the before picture.  I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of our dining room.  We hosts lots of dinner parties here, actually we are having one this Friday for a friend’s birthday.

Have a great week!