It is time for the annual sidewalk sale in Rosemary Beach! The Sale is tomorrow and Saturday! Lots of fun items all over Rosemary Beach. Today is the preview day of the sale at Tracery! So come see us today-Saturday and get your shopping on!! Outside all items are 50-90% off. Inside the shop all items are 25% off and lighting that is hanging from ceiling is 50% off! Here are a few pics from around the sale.











Bathrooms (random thoughts)

As I was getting ready this morning I was thinking about my favorite bathrooms we have designed over the years.  We are working on some new projects so I was running through past projects in my head.  I thought I would share some of my bathroom brain dump with y’all this morning…..

Thought 1.  This is one of our favorite tubs.  It is beautiful and our clients love it.  We have recently selected it for a new project.

Thought 2.  I love a tub in front of a window.

Thought 3.  I love herringbone marble tile.  (it is in the second photo above)

Thought 4.  I love a chandelier in a bathroom.

Thought 5.  I like island stone floors.  It is pretty and I love how it feels on your feet.

Thougth 6.  I love feet on bathroom cabinets.

Thought 7.  I love glass knobs in a bathroom.  They are so clean and pretty.

Thought 8.  I love a pretty mirror in a bathroom.

Thought 9. I love an antique piece of furniture as a sink base.

Thought 10.  I love subway tile with gray grout.

Thought 11.  I love open shelves in a bathroom.  It is a great place to stack towels, candles, and a vase of flowers.

Thought 12.  I love white, bright, clean bathrooms.

Thought 13.  Repeat thought 3… I love herringbone and chevron in marble.

Thought 14.  Always have a place for everything in a bath.  A place for your handtowel, a place for your robe, a place to store soaps and shampoos, etc.

Thought 15.  A full length mirror is always a nice addition in a bathroom.

Thought 16.  You can’t go wrong with white marble in a bath.  It is classic.

Hope you enjoyed my random bathroom thoughts on a Monday!



P.S.  I am obsessed with the new Atlas collection from Waterworks.  It will be coming to a Tracery project very soon in unlaquered brass(installed early 2013 so I can share it with you then).  I mean hello how pretty is this!  So this starts a new obsession for bathrooms.  Roman and Williams did an awesome job with the collection.