back in Atlanta

Hi y’all, Bess here! Paige & I are in Atlanta to get a few details tied up for some of our current projects. We arrived this afternoon and went straight to Stanton & Provenance Antiques. Had a few great finds and that’s just day one!








And we rounded off the day with one of the Tracery gang’s all time favorites… Chicharones from Abattoir! Yum….

Our new fabric!

We are so excited about our first custom fabric!  We are working on more prints for the line but wanted to let you all see our first pieces!!!  The first fabric will be featured at the Showhouse for the Arts that opens June 15th-July 22nd in The Retreat in Blue Mountain Beach along 30A (about 5 miles west of Seaside and Watercolor).  This fabric will be our draperies in our room.  We think it is going to be really fun!  So this afternoon we are all a little giddy….and having a little bit of fun…. we first started with this!

Mint Chocolate Chip!

Then we received the new fabric via UPS (I think we were on a little bit of a sugar high)  and are so excited to show it to you! 

Just out of the packaging!


Lizzy(our summer intern from Auburn....WDE!) and AK show off the new fabric!


Bess posing! (BTW... she really is dressed but we thought this was really funny... again maybe because of the sugar high)

We hope everyone has a great evening and a great weekend! 



allium (AKA, keeping it real on a Tuesday night)

Hey, it’s Doug.  Tonight’s an exciting night at my house…writing some contracts and drawing some elevations.  I work in my kitchen a lot when I am trying to get stuff done at home…those of you who’ve been following the blog for a while know that my house is exceptionally small, so the big stainless steel table in my kitchen is really the only place big enough to spread out with my laptop anyway.

So, I’m sitting here looking at these allium peeking over the edge of my laptop…leftovers from a photoshoot from last week (you’ll see those pics soon, promise!).  I don’t know if y’all are familiar with these flowers, but I love them.  Grown from bulbs, they’re actually a member of the same plant family as onions, scallions, and garlic.  I love how fun the round purple clusters of flowers are.  I think I was first introduced to these flowers through photos of Martha Stewart’s garden in Westport.

Martha Stewart's allium border...I just buy mine at the wholesale florist, but this image is inspiring me to plant some bulbs for next spring!

Allium were the perfect addition to the lakeside home we had photographed last week.  And they’re casual enough to work well on my kitchen table too.  I found the fun “measured” pitcher I have them arranged in at Star Provisions in Atlanta recently (but I noticed the same item at At Home in Homewood recently, Bham friends…).  The numerous bottles of Pellegrino on my table are also leftover photoshoot props…no sparkling water being consumed at my house, just SmartWater.  Well okay, and that glass of Malbec just inside the frame of the photo 🙂
Hope y’all are having a great Tuesday night!
[Martha photos from here]

Girls, Girls, Girls

Happy Monday!  We love to design rooms special for the small folks that live in our designs.  Many times our work is for families with small children.  Here is one of our favorite rooms we have designed for 2 girls at their family lake house.   When AK and I selected the paint colors and overall feel for the house we used white as the base for the entire home and it is the definitely the base for this girls room.  We love to create rooms that have a feel that children can grow with. 

Have a great week!



A chandelier….

We are wrapping up an installation in Seagrove. Here is a sneak peek at the dining room chandelier. It looks amazing. One of my dear friends, Katie, owns Baker Lamps and Linens in Birmingham and did a fantastic job bringing this old fixture back to life.





more Lake Martin progress

Hi, it’s Doug again…I visited one of our projects underway at Lake Martin in Alabama yesterday, and I thought you all would like to see the progress since Paige and I were at the house a month ago.

On the outside of the house, lots of stonework has been completed. This is the lakeside of the home.

Inside the stone masons are busy too. This fireplace in the living room matches the exterior material of the home, tying the interior to the house. Wood planked walls are starting to go up in all the main living areas. Right now they are just primed, waiting for a final coat of solid stain.

These paint samples will help us determine the final color for the home's interior. Everyone on site yesterday liked the bottom right sample (that isn't the one Paige and I thought we'd like--which is why we have samples prepared!)

The stair tower that connects all three floors hasn't received its wood walls yet, but you can already see how dramatic it will be. It's ringed around three sides at the top with big windows that flood light down into the Foyer.

Wood has started to go up in the Master Bedroom too. In this room we are just having one wall planked, which will create a focal point in what will be a seating area at one end of the room.

Things are moving quickly at this project…stay tuned for more progress photos soon.  This is the same house we were buying furniture for in Atlanta last week and we’re constantly on the hunt for antiques and artwork to complete this home.  It’s fun watching it come together.

forgot this one…

Hi–Doug, again. When I was posting pics from our travels last week, I forgot to add this one taken outside of Scott’s Antique Market.


Yes, that’s Paige and me posing with giant McDonald’s characters. We always joke that there’s something for everyone at Scott’s–including in this case huge figurines for creating your own backyard PlayPlace.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen at a flea market, antiques show, etc?