SpringHouse Restaurant, revisited


Back in April, we gave you a tour [here] of the inside of the SpringHouse Restaurant at Russell Crossroads near Lake Martin in Alexander City, Alabama.  The project was recently professionally photographed and we thought you might like to see some more of this project.  Enjoy!














The private dining room, designed by architect Jeff Dungan to resemble an old stone wellhouse, wasn’t completed when we posted the first set of photos.  It’s furnished now, with a giant round table and warm linen and wool plaid drapes hung against the brick walls from a custom fabricated curved rod.  The chandelier in this space is one of our favorites and is available through Tracery.  We added oilskin shades from Village Firefly in Mountain Brook, Alabama to customize it to the room.





As great as the interiors look, the views from outside are amazing!  Springhouse is built on a hilltop overlooking acres of pastureland and woods beyond–with Lake Martin visible in the distance.





Lake season may officially almost be over, but Springhouse is open year round.  For more information, click [here].  We highly recommend!


[all photos by Eric Marcus]

Colonial Hills project…revealed!

We’re still working out some final details, but we can finally share a few photos of the incredible home in the Colonial Hills neighborhood of Mountain Brook, Alabama we’ve been installing for the past two weeks.

We’ve already showed you some ’empty house’ detail shots of this home [here] and [here].


Guest entering the front door of the home are immediately greeted by a dramatic presentation in the double height Foyer.  Resting atop the already much acclaimed herringbone antique oak floors is an antique french chest.  Two elegant Barbara Cosgrove lamps from our shop with custom painted shades set upon the chest.  Hanging above is an antique french wallpaper fragment, beautifully framed and lit by a double-width picture light.


In the formal Living Room beyond, an antique French limestone mantle from Birmingham’s Architectural Heritage brings instant history and charm to the room.


We offset the formality of the room by asymmetrically grouping objects on the mantle.



Elsewhere in the room, a spare dining chair rests beneath two antique french etchings, beautifully framed beneath wavy antique glass.



We created a cozy sitting nook in one corner of the Keeping Room / Kitchen area.  A pair of extra deep Verellen armchairs are paired with high gloss white floor lamps from our shop.  Painting window sash and mullions dark is one of our favorite tricks–we love how it frames the green hues of foliage outside.  Here it does just that, as well as referencing the island color in the adjacent decor.  The wonderful and unusual 1940’s era rug is from Paige Albright Orientals.


Next to the seating area, we placed an antique french farm table for family dining.  A set of six french dining chairs–formerly covered in red and gold tapestry–have been given new life, wearing a very kid friendly microfiber.  The oversized nailhead trim give some sass and playfulness to the pieces.

CH_keep table

The wonderful grey blue cabinet is the first piece we purchased for the home.  A full wall of glass front cabinets provide plenty of storage and display for the homewoners’ extensive collection of antique English transferwear.



The finishing touch in the nearby Kitchen is a pair of vintage concrete urns, which grace each corner of a long stretch of Carrara Blanca counter top.  The combination of white, grey and fuchsia appears throughout the home and this vignette perfectly frames the aesthetic of this home.

There is a lot more to show, check back for more soon!

A very discrete bar

We’d like to take credit for this fun little feature in the living room of a Mountain Brook, Alabama home we designed, but it was actually the idea of our client!  We’re lucky to work with folks who tend to be pretty creative in their own right, making ideas like this along the way so much fun!

56CCR 011

At first glance, this noble french antique is just a great foundation piece for the corner of this elegant formal Living Room space.


Open the doors however and it reveals a surprise:

56CCR 012

The interior of the cabinet is the perfect place for liquor bottles, decanters and Double Old Fashioned glasses.  An antique clock graces the top shelf, creating a beautiful vingnette when the doors are open to guests and preventing the view from looking too much like the inside of a cabinet.  The drawers below hold stirrers, napkins and coasters.

This little trick is easily reproduced in a cabinet of any size and a fun way to both store and display barware.

[The armoire is a French antique from Les Trois Marches in Mountain Brook’s English Village and the portrait is a Russian piece from the Loretta Goodwin Gallery in Birmingham.  Links to the websites of both establishments can be found in the ‘Places We Shop’ section in the left sidebar on this blog page.]

A place for everything


Sometimes true luxury is found in some very utilitarian places…think about it:  what’s better than a customized, well thought out place for everything in a home?  We enjoy working with homeowners to really concentrate on how they live and where they want to keep all of their belongings, so that their home ends up functioning as great as it looks when complete.

Here are two of our favorite well-planned and well-organized spaces from some of our recent projects:


When we started working with designer, author and well known Twitter personality John Bryan Hopkins (The Foodimentary Guy, @Foodimentary) to design a kitchen and pantry as part of a massive renovation project he and his partner undertook on their 1920’s Spanish Colonial Revival in Homewood, Alabama (designed in conjuction with Dungan Nequette Architects); function and well-thought out storage were at the top of the list.  In this pantry space, a wall of open shelving purposefully blurs the line between storage and display.  A bone china sink (Herbeau through Kenny & Co.) on a wooden stand provides a decidedly european farmhouse charm to the space, as does the umber-stained terra cotta tile floor.  The two-sided commercial refrigerator opens into both this space and the adjacent kitchen.  [photos above by Colleen Duffley]


No matter how large a home, storage is always a matter worth thoroughly exploring.  Though this Tudor Revival home in Mountain Brook, Alabama we helped to design a renovation for and furnish was quite large, the owners still wanted to take advantage of every available space for storage.  In low headroom beneath a staircase, we captured space for a small pantry.  The space is just tall enough for the lady of the house to walk inside, creating a charming place to store extra dishes and serving pieces.

 56CCR 029

56CCR 026

56CCR 025_edit


The best part?   We concealed the door to the space in a wall of pecky cypress paneling visible from the main kitchen.  When the door is closed, the pantry discretely goes away!

 56CCR 022

aged to perfection

Just like a fine wine, the right furniture is better with a little age on it. A well constructed piece of furniture can survive easily in a grandmother’s formal living room (you know, the one no one uses). However, it is the pieces that stand the true test of time in back sheds under coats of dust and paint and neglect that end up with the most character. These are the pieces that are over looked by many and turn out to be timeless treasures. Case in point: the two ‘farm tables’ pictured below.

pictures 044

These two tables are full of charm and would add character to any space. They are currently biding their time in our storage at the beach. Either would be a perfect breakfast table or perhaps a small dining area on a brick patio??

pictures 048

If you would like any more information (dimensions/pricing)-please don’t hesitate to call our Rosemary Beach shop at 850.231.6755.

A different kind of headboard

AB_B9 headboard1

We love a good upholstered heardboard–and use them often because of their softness and visual presence–often they make a bed ‘feel’ like a piece of upholstered furniture in a room.  When we furnished a villa home for Alys Beach a couple of years ago, we used upholstered headboards in several of the bedrooms.  For one of the bedrooms however, we decided to do things a little bit differently.

Paige and Anna Kay had the idea to take an antiqued-mirror floor screen and turn it into a headboard.  The piece lends a great deal of drama to the space and the height of the screen definetely makes the bed the centerpiece of the room (as it should be!).  The dark wood of the screen echos the chocolate bedding and contratsts nicely with the crisp white walls.

AB_B9 headboard2

A skirted table is a quiet companion to the headboard and glass Barbara Cosgrove lamps from our shop lend an airy modern touch.


[photos by Eric Marcus]

Look who’s on House of Turquoise today…


We love all of Erin Olson’s fun blogs devoted to different interior color combinations.  Today, her House of Turquoise blog features several images from the Southern Living Tarpon Run Idea House we designed.  Check it out [here] and be sure to look at all of her other great posts while you’re there!  [photo by Laurey W. Glenn for Southern Living]