{2012 Southern Living Idea House} through our eyes, Living Room

Bess here again to share another ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Southern Living Idea House. For all of you who have the publication-you did get to see the majority of the Living Room. What you don’t realize about homes that are published is that a certain area can have one of the most amazing things/items/collections in the entire space, but if the photographer can’t get a good shot of it then it will not be published. There is an amazing piece by artist Courtney J. Garrett  behind the sofa that fell into that category & we had to share it regardless ( image below).  The piece on the mantel of the old house is Courtney’s as well.


Mantel ‘before’

Mantel ‘after’



11 thoughts on “{2012 Southern Living Idea House} through our eyes, Living Room

    • Hi Margaret,
      The wood floors in the Living room are a product by Shaw Flooring that we selected from a sample on site to match the existing hardwood floors. Hope that helps!


  1. The small vases of flowers that are in the magazine pics (which added the perfect touch of color) were they Hibiscus? They are on the mantle and table. Thanks


  2. dear tracery,
    I had to come over and comment on this picture. I bet you no less than 100 people have repinned this picture off my Pinterest board! It is such a great picture. Love the neutral pallet, the rustic casualness. It’s fabulous!


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