seeing double

[prints in Pensacola, Florida]

Bess was killing time in Pensacola this past Monday and stumbled upon the beautiful display above. We love how they hung these tree prints on each side of a corner to create an unexpected focal point. What a great idea! These prints are so amazing & are part of a numbered series which means there are only so many… these pictures do no justice to their magnificent antiqued mirrored frames and the detailed line work of the tree drawings. Its a four part series of the same tree in each season: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Each measures 26″Wx33 1/4″H and retails at $1716.00 for each print. Feel free to email us at shop[at]traceryinteriors[dot]com or call 850.231.6755 for more info!

[prints in our Rosemary Beach Shop]

Snap! Snap!

The front of our Rosemary Beach Shop is looking especially charming these days thanks to Ashley over at the Blue Ming Garden in Panama City Beach. She came over personally to plant all of the beauties you see above. A few others have taken note as well….if you notice below we had a photo shoot out front yesterday. Hopefully some of the images will be used in the upcoming Rosemary Beach ad campaign?!