House Beautiful

Hi everyone! We are SO EXCITED to announce that one of our designs will be featured in the March 2011 issue of House Beautiful! We can not wait to see the issue in person!  Thankfully, House Beautiful has posted a preview on their website.    So take a look {here} and check your mail box or go to your local newsstand to pick up your own copy of the issue very, very soon!!!!!



finishing touches

Hey everyone, it’s Doug.

We believe that it takes a while for a house to truly be ‘finished.’  We try to anticipate most things when we are designing a house from top to bottom; but some things like an extra rug here or a painting on a wall that looks too a little to bare over there take time.

Such was the case with a Mountain Brook, Alabama home that Paige and I designed–which we completed about a year and a half ago.  Since then we’ve slowly been adding that last ‘layer’ of art and accessories to make the already beautiful home truly complete.

When I was drawing the elevations for the paneling in the stairway of this home, I designated space for two large pieces of art to fill the blank space on an upper wall of the room.  We even selected picture lights to illuminate the art that was intended to go in this spot.  Though we’ve been looking since before the house was finished for the perfect pieces to place in this spot, we’d just never found something that we could all agree was the right thing.

The stairway wall in question...minus paintings. The walls are paint-glazed pecky cypress, by the way. We're pretty fond of the way that finish turned out!


Last week, the homeowner was in our Mountain Brook shop and she remarked to me how much she liked some of the Mallory Page pieces we had on display.  We’ve shared Mallory’s beautiful paintings–which we are proud to carry in our Mountain Brook shopwith you before.  Mallory’s work is so peaceful and serene–just like this house, and the pieces which particularly interested our client happened to be the perfect size for the artless panels in her stairway.

Friday, Hannon and I loaded up two of Mallory’s pieces and headed to the house and a short time later, here’s what resulted…



Aren’t they perfect?  The size is dead on for what was intended to hang here and the beautiful and subtle tones in the paintings is the perfect compliment to this space.  We’re thrilled and most importantly, so is the homeowner.

It might take a while to find the perfect finishing touch for a space, but the wait is worth it when the results are this great, don’t you agree?  Stay tuned later this week for a peek at the hallway you can glimpse in the photo above, we added a few of Mallory’s pieces to spice up that space as well!

fabric refresher

Hi all, Bess here! We have been all over the place lately and aren’t expecting to slow down anytime soon. Our heads are still spinning from all of the excitement in Atlanta last week and to top that off we came home to a visual feast for the eyes. Fabric Rep meetings are such an exciting way to get the wheels turning and get a little inspiration. Paige & I were ‘ooooohhhhhhh’-ing & ‘ahhhhhhhhh’-ing with each new layer. Enjoy a few snapshots of our favorites. Who knows-you just might see them featured here in future projects?!

[Grammont Linen Zebra print in Truffle from Travers. Printed in Italy on 100% Linen.] 

 [Windermere, an Ikat Embroidery on 100% Linen, also from Travers.]

[Orangerie-Rose, digitally printed on 100% cotton, from Designers Guild.] 

 [Above & Below: Two new colorways for Maharani, 100%cotton, from Designers Guild.]

My head is swirling with visions of pillows, headboards, drapes, side chairs and all types of custom goodies! If the sky was the limit-what would you do with some of our new favorite fabrics?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

A fun art project… bring a little bit of the beach home.

Hi!  Paige here!  When we working on the Southern Living Idea House 2009 we really wanted to have lots of  “ideas” throughout the house.  Some were used in the article and some weren’t due to space.  Here is one idea we still love.  First, find a vintage frame (you know I love a vintage frame), some ribbon, and a few shells.  We chose sand dollars for our project but any type of shell will do.  Suspend the shell inside the frame and that is it!  How easy was that!

Then choose the perfect place in your home to hang the piece.  Anna Kay and I made two and stacked them on the wall in the staircase at the Idea House.  It is a fun way to display a keepsake from your favorite beach vacation.



Tracery goes to market


the Tracery crew at market, from the front: Bess, Anna Kay, Paige, Heather, Doug



We have had a great couple of days at Market in Atlanta.  We’ve visited a lot of our favorite vendors and discovered some new ones as well…and we’ve ordered A LOT of exciting new things for both of our shops.  We’ve also enjoyed some great meals and caught up with some Atlanta friends while we’ve been here.  And of course we’ve taken a lot of pictures so we can share the whole experience with y’all!



This cool lamp with a pierced metal shade is headed for our Rosemary Beach shop




This curvaceous mirror is bound for our Mountain Brook shop. We ordered a pair of the cool industrial table lamps for both stores.




We love colorful ceramic garden stools! We ordered a few for each store.



Anna Jay, Doug and Paige take an iPhone break




We've had several requests for wine racks in our Mountain Brook shop so we ordered a few of this great industrial style piece--there's a wall mounted version too!




How cool are these metal numbers? We ordered some for our Rosemary Beach shop




Bess, Doug and AK



Our favorite aluminum antler lamp--which we've ordered before--enjoying a view of Centennial Olympic Park and the CNN building




We're pretty sure these orange shades are the same color we selected for the Southern Living Idea House we designed a couple of years ago! We still love that color--especially paired with this great white chandelier




There’s still more to show you…stayed tuned for another Market/Atlanta update tomorrow.