Winter Wonderland

We finished a home for clients in Aspen, Colorado a while back.  I love Aspen.  It is the perfect opposite of the beach where I live.  It was so fun to head out west and design a home.  My husband’s parentes live in Boulder and his brother and family live in Denver so I get to enjoy Colorado often but not the mountains enough.  So this project was so fun and we got to spend time in the mountains!  Check out our take on a mountain retreat!



photos by Brent Moss

IMG_4401 IMG_4425 IMG_4452 IMG_4476 IMG_4518



My house is on the market!

Hi All!  Paige here.  My husband Mark and I have decided to sell our house and move on (literally) to our next project on the homefront.  We have had so much fun working on our house over the years.  We moved our house from Point Washington to Seagrove beach in 2007.  Want to know more about our house move check it out here.  We remodeled the house after the house move.  It has been a great house for our family.  Our daughter Mallory is now in college and her old room has been transformed in to a guest room (much to her chagrin).  So now it is time to move on as our lives change.  It is a little sad (I’ve only cried once so far) … I do love this house but I am ready to start another project… the side effect when you are an interior designer I guess.  Anyway… here are a few photos of our home.

PaigeLvRm.03 PaigeBedrm1 PaigeLvRm.01 PaigeLvRm.06 PaigeLvRm.07 SchnellCottage1 SchnellCottage9 SchnellCottage11 SchnellCottage16


Photos by Jean Allsopp

To the next adventure!



Our house is listed with Larry Davis of Davis Properties


On the Gulf…. Texas Style

We love to design homes all over the country. One of the homes we have designed in Cinnamon Shore, Texas will be featured in our upcoming book. Our book Tracery will be available April 7th! (you can preorder signed copies 850-231-6755 and get 20% off if you order before March 31st). Now back to the house. This home was designed for a texas family that wanted a retreat on the gulf in Cinnamon Shore. Here are a few photos of their living room and kitchen. It is a large gathering place for the entire family and friends. The colors of aqua and coral really pop (not a word I like to use but it really works here) against the neutral background. The colors adds a playfulness to the room that just makes you want to sit down and hang out with a cocktail and your best friend or curl up with good book. All activities are welcome here. Casual and fun. What else do you want in a beach house? A great view? This home has that too….

Photography by Jean Allsopp
Styling by Lynn Nesmith
Architecture by Mark Schnell

Dogs Of Tracery

At Tracery, we sometimes let our furry friends work alongside us…and we LOVE when customers bring their pups by the shops! Tracery shows support for all our animal friends by having the 30A donation box for the Alaqua Animal Refuge. It’s pretty awesome, you donate and you get a blue 30A sticker just like the ones you see everywhere! Check out the success of the foundation here. Below are some photos of our dogs working hard and some of the friends who have come in to see us!

1 2 34



Can you spot Lola in the photo below?


Hope to see you soon with your pup!

XOX Michaela

Ak’s Market Favorites!

Hey Everyone, Ak here!

ak 7

Really wanted to share some of my favorite things from the ATL market! The Tracery girls had a great time and found some really fun things!! Here’s what caught my eye…





Definitely love this one…




Hope y’all enjoyed as much as I did!



A little sunshine for your Monday

We love designing rooms for our younger clients.  This is a bedroom we designed for a 13 year old girl at her family’s beach home.  It also doubles as a guest room.  So our challenge was to design the room for both.  We used yellow one of our young client’s fav colors.  By adding the gray it gave it a look that bridged from 13 year old girl to a couples getaway bedroom.  Enjoy a little sunshine to start your day.

Broms15 Broms16 Broms17 Broms18 Broms19




Photography:  Jean Allsopp

Stylist: Lynn Nesmith