It’s time for changes!  

Hi all!  Wanted to update you all with all our ch-ch-changes….. We are closing our original location of Tracery this Friday January 29th located at 72 Main Street in Rosemary Beach.  It had been a great 12 years.  The 38 Main Street in Rosemary Beach location is up and running and will remain open!  Then in late March-ish our additional shop and studio will open in a brand new space in Inlet beach!  We are way excited about the new space!  Also…. To keep the changes coming our website with our custom products will launch very soon!  So you can shop Tracery online!  Yay!  

Here are a few photos of our 38 Main Street shop. 


Here are our remaining sale items at our 72 Main Street location.  If you interested in anything just give Leslie a call at 850-231-6755 or email 

(Some items in the following photos maybe sold because everything is going fast! )

Stay tuned for photos of our new space!  It is currently under construction next to Donut Hole if you are in the hood. 



 P.S.  Remember we ship!  

Kitchens… best of

To start out 2016 I thought I would look back at some of our favorite kitchens we have designed over the years.  Here are a few of our favs…







Picture 142



Tracery Interiors

I hope y’all have enjoyed a round up of a few or our favorites.  Happy 2016!



Photos by in order:  Jean Allsopp first 4 photos, Laura Resen, Colleen Duffley, Jean Allsopp, and Laurey W Glen 2 photos and Johnny Valiant for final photo

Artwork at the Coastal Living Beach Cottage

Hello Friends! If you visited the Coastal Living Beach Cottage during the tour, or have been keeping up with the process through social media- you may have noticed some of the original artwork we used. A couple of the pieces have been purchased but there is still some great ones left! Here is the information just in case you’ve been eyeing something in particular!

Give us a call if you’re interested! You can take one home with you! (We can also ship) 850.231.67551

“Surface”, Courtney Garrett Oil on Canvas 36” x 60” $4,200


“Corkscrews: Concertina & Peg and Worm”, Barbara Cosgrove 30.5×26.5 $673 each


“Dune Lake Cloud”, Nancy Hughes Miller oil on linen 18×18 $800


“Blue Gulf I & II”, Nancy Hughes Miller oil on canvas 20×20 $900


“All Fall Down II”, Elizabeth Hawke 30×24  $475


“Sleeping Girl Must Wake”, Courtney Garrett Oil on Canvas 36” x 48”


“Blue Forest”, Justin Gaffrey 72×48 $9,500


“Non Dueling Birds”, Justin Gaffrey 48×60 $8,000


“Unoticed but a Perfect Afterglow”, Mallory Page 72×72 acrylic on canvas in a custom beveled frame $18,000


“A Current Situation”, Allison Wickey 36×36 $2,250

The Master…..

The issue of Coastal Living featuring the beach cottage is out and on newsstands now!  It is the December/January issue of the magazine.  To celbrater I thought I would share some of my favorite photos with all of you out in blogland.  All of these shots are by Jean Allsopp and the styling is by Lynn Nesmith (AKA Eleanor).

First up is the master bedroom.  To prefice this you should know that my husband, Mark, is an urban designer.  Therefore Mark is a lover of maps, neighborhoods, towns, etc.  So he came up with this idea to have a map of Seagrove, Seaside, and part of Watercolor as a large piece of art in the master.  That mixed with the hombre drapes and all versions of gray and white in the room it really makes a statement.  The bedroom is strong yet soothing… a great combination to me for a master.

Next up the Master Bath.  I am obsessed with this wall paper from my friend Meg Braff.  It is out of this world.  And to top that off the black lacquered cabinet by Kay Fuller and sons.  I have always wanted to use and black lacquer cabinet in a bathroom and now I have!  I think all designers have a list of items like this that they are trying to incorporate in a future project.  I love it when I get the opportunity.  And to finish it off the Allison Wickey painting…


Ok.  That is it for tonight.  Off to pick up the in laws at the airport for Thanksgiving. More to come…

Don’t forget the house is on tour through this Sunday Nov 29 from 11am-5pm (except Thanksgiving).  Come by if you can!


46 Forest Street in Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

It is really in Seagrove but you have to type Santa Rosa Beach for gps.




Christmas at the Coastal Living Beach Cottage.  

This is the last week the home is on tour so to make it extra special we decorated it for Christmas!  Let me get the logistics out of the way first.  The tours are every day from 11-5 through Sundsy Nov 29th (except Turkey Day!!). Ok back to Christmas…. I say “we” because I had lots of elves.  Thank you Lynn, Christi, Jenny, Blaine, Mom, Aunt Kem, Stella and Ilza!  Y’all are the best!  We started with the room colors, the boxes of past Christmas items I owned, natural cuttings from yards 😁, and lots of energy. I like Christmas decorations to reflect your home.  So these decorations respond to the environment they are in.  To preanswer a few questions… The greenery and tree are real.  The tree came from Home Depot and the wreaths and garland from lowes (they get points for being the only ones with their natural Christmas ready to sell)…. Ok Jenny might have helped the guy unpacking the boxes to get the wreaths and garland out because she was the first Christmas buyer at both stores.  The sled is from a family Christmas trip to North Carolina in 1978.  And the last fact before the photos Christi, Lynn and Jenny did “enhance” the wreaths and garland with spruce and magnolia.  I find that store bought wreaths are a good base but are never full enough.  The photos start from the beginning to the finished decorations.  Now onto the photos….  


I hope you enjoy!  

Now back to preparing for Thanksgiving!