Sitting Pretty in Sun Tan City

At Tracery, we want to make sure our customers are “sitting pretty” but in any city! If you’re in the Rosemary Beach area, come visit our store and take a look at our desirable and comfy chairs throughout our two stores. If not, here’s a sneak peek of how you can “sit pretty” but in your own home! You can order by calling or emailing us.

Phone Number: (850)231-6755


  1. The summer breeze is coming and you decide to go outside for a little… Take a seat in what we call an Igloo chair ($364) with the Tri-Zig Throw ($216), which is one of the softest and warmest that we carry in the store. Next to you would be the Outdoor Ottoman ($640) which holds everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable night under the stars! Relax with the help of one of our Indoor/Outdoor Pillows ($195), a Sky Hobnail Candle ($32), and a couple good books such as Tracery ($50) and Southern Cocktails ($14.95)!
  2. Tracery, The Art of Southern Design ($50) – Paige Schnell
    Southern Cocktails ($14.95)- Denise Gee
    Sky by Hobnail Candles ($32)
  3. One of our favorite sets of chairs include a Slipcover Chair ($1,974 each) with a colorful array of throw pillows. ($572 – total price of all three pillows)
  4. This neutral colored, grey seat ($1,365) is deep enough to cuddle up with the Micah Cotton Throw ($182) and the Beehive Pillow ($130) to prepare for a much needed afternoon nap.
  5. Last but not least, the sophisticated yet comfy seating nook including an arrangement of shells and books, the perfect combination for a relaxing summer evening.



1929-ish Tudor Home Renovation Revisited

Hi all!  We are excited that the Tracery book is available!  So I have been going through projects that we have loved designing over the last 11 years in business.  This is one of my all time favs.  We had the house reshot for the book by Jean Allsopp and styled by Lynn Nesmith.  I wanted to share a few photos of the home today.  We worked on the project with the fabulous architects at Dungan Nequette Architects.  Enjoy a look around the living room, foyer, and dining room in this home…

TRes.04 TRes.01 TRes.06 TRes.09 TRes.10 TRes.11


Until next time…



Random thoughts

Hi all!

Thought 1: I am sitting on the beach going through all the social media outlets on the phone, enjoying the breeze, awaiting the arrival of my friends, more beach chairs, and an afternoon of laughter. Sometimes like the past couple months I forget I should just come down here and sit. Today I am being thankful for living in such a beautiful place.

Thought 2: Our blogging has been few and far between but we still love that you all follow us. We have some fun announcements coming up! So stay around!

Thought 3: you might want to see some photos of what we have been up to lately. (These are random iPhone photos)











Thought 4: I am so excited about our projects right now!!

Thought 5: my friends are here so I am going to go and talk to them and snack on some yummy tuna dip. (I will put that recipe on my food blog )

Have a great Saturday!



We hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving! We did! Here are a few things going on around here lately…

We watched sunsets…

and more sunsets..

We received awesome photos from one of our contractors showing us the progress of one of projects.



We spent time with family. (this is one of my very sweet nephews)

We ate. (these are Blaine’s famous yeast rolls!)


We had our annual thankful Thanksgiving toast at sunset.

We even attended Christmas parades!


A couple of us went shopping.

I set up a drink table on the front porch of my house for Thanksgiving. We had 34 to our house. It was a great gathering of friends and family.


We worked on tile selections for new projects.



And we shopped for antiques! I love this chair!

Well, that is it for here lately. We hope all of y’all had a great time over thanksgiving. We definitely did.

BTW… If you follow me on instagram sorry for some of the repeat pics of thanksgiving!



P.S. I forgot to include this photo. I did not spend Thanksgiving with all my family, only part of it. But I loved seeing this photo on thanksgiving day of my dad and nephew on a walk. This is what holidays are about.