Auburn and Lake Martin site visits

Hey, it’s Doug…I actually started writing this post yesterday morning as the tornado sirens started going off here in Birmingham.  The power eventually went out and after a day of scary storms I never got back here to finish the post.  Luckily my neighborhood is okay (and so is our shop here in Mountain Brook) but other parts of Birmingham–and of course our neighbors in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere–were not so lucky.  We’re all sending lots of Tracery love out to our friends throughout the Southeast who were effected by yesterday’s weather.

Okay, so on with what I wanted to show you yesterday.  On Tuesday, Paige and I met up in Auburn to check in on a project of ours that’s nearing completion.  Some clients of ours who we’ve worked with previously contacted us a couple of months ago with an interesting challenge:  they were in the process of purchasing a large, almost-finished home in Auburn, Alabama and needed our help completing the project so that they could move in.  We started by addressing the home’s interior architectural issues, selecting new paint colors, changing out some tile in places, and selecting right around FIFTY light fixtures (this very large didn’t have any when our clients purchased it!).  Once we had the finishes and fixtures under control, we started to select new furnishings to complement pieces the family already owned.

The home is about two to three weeks from completion and is really starting to look great.  Here a few shots we took yesterday…

This beautiful limestone fireplace was already in the home...we had the walls repainted a custom color to match (they had been a minty green) and added an antique iron chandelier. A pair of chairs will eventually settle in front of the fireplace to create a cozy spot to hang out at one end of this kitchen space.

We thought it would be really fun to do a HOT PINK ceiling in the daughter's bathroom to contrast the existing black and white tile. We love how this turned out!

We showed you this crystal chandelier a couple of weeks ago after our buying trip to Atlanta. It's in place now in the Master Bedroom and looks great!

Many of the home's bathroom vanities were stained a pretty bad shade of "cherry" when our clients purchased this home. We are having all of them repainted in charcoal grey to fit into the home's new color scheme.

After we left Auburn, we headed to Lake Martin to attend a job site meeting a new construction project we are designing the interiors for.  The exterior of the home is really starting to come together, although the interior is a few months from completion.

A view of the home from the Motorcourt...the exterior siding is a custom blend of three different stains that we worked with the home's architect to develop

The lakeside facade of the home

The view of Lake Martin from the home's dock...ahhhhh!

4 thoughts on “Auburn and Lake Martin site visits

  1. Good to know you are all OK. I do not miss living in tornado alley one bit, I never got used to it at all.

    Love the progress pics of the homes, it is always fun to see the home grow and take shape. I would love to see more of the Lake home. Being that it is almost lake season and all, it is giving me the itch to hop on a plane and head south!


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