Tracery book give away!

It is that time!  Book giveaway time!  We are giving away 2 copies of our new Tracery book!  If you would like a chance to win a copy of the book this is what you need to do…. Just comment here what your favorite book is of all times!  It can be a novel, biography, coffee table book, etc.  Just tell us and then next Friday April 3rd we will pick 2 winners!  Good Luck!


tracery cover use this!!!

Houses with Charm

A very special arrival and exciting news here at Tracery! We just received our copies of Houses with Charm, Simple Southern Style by Susan Sully, where we are featured with one of our favorite projects in Lake Martin, Alabama!

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 3

photo 2

This book is a new favorite- capturing some of the most beautiful historic southern homes.

We have copies at both our Mountain Brook and Rosemary Beach shops and they are priced at $39.95. Come get your copy today!

Bathrooms (random thoughts)

As I was getting ready this morning I was thinking about my favorite bathrooms we have designed over the years.  We are working on some new projects so I was running through past projects in my head.  I thought I would share some of my bathroom brain dump with y’all this morning…..

Thought 1.  This is one of our favorite tubs.  It is beautiful and our clients love it.  We have recently selected it for a new project.

Thought 2.  I love a tub in front of a window.

Thought 3.  I love herringbone marble tile.  (it is in the second photo above)

Thought 4.  I love a chandelier in a bathroom.

Thought 5.  I like island stone floors.  It is pretty and I love how it feels on your feet.

Thougth 6.  I love feet on bathroom cabinets.

Thought 7.  I love glass knobs in a bathroom.  They are so clean and pretty.

Thought 8.  I love a pretty mirror in a bathroom.

Thought 9. I love an antique piece of furniture as a sink base.

Thought 10.  I love subway tile with gray grout.

Thought 11.  I love open shelves in a bathroom.  It is a great place to stack towels, candles, and a vase of flowers.

Thought 12.  I love white, bright, clean bathrooms.

Thought 13.  Repeat thought 3… I love herringbone and chevron in marble.

Thought 14.  Always have a place for everything in a bath.  A place for your handtowel, a place for your robe, a place to store soaps and shampoos, etc.

Thought 15.  A full length mirror is always a nice addition in a bathroom.

Thought 16.  You can’t go wrong with white marble in a bath.  It is classic.

Hope you enjoyed my random bathroom thoughts on a Monday!



P.S.  I am obsessed with the new Atlas collection from Waterworks.  It will be coming to a Tracery project very soon in unlaquered brass(installed early 2013 so I can share it with you then).  I mean hello how pretty is this!  So this starts a new obsession for bathrooms.  Roman and Williams did an awesome job with the collection.

[tracery tips] best whites

To this day one of the most asked questions about our work is what paint colors we use. We love white-if you haven’t noticed. White interior-white exterior-white mill work….black & white, green & white…..we love it all! Below are a few our favorite whites that we have used over & over again that you will definitely want to file away for your next big project.

Benjamin Moore China White

This is probably our most used white and for good reason. Here you can see that it has a warmer almost gray undertone that makes a room feel clean & cozy. We used this color through out the Lake Martin residence below. The all white scheme lends the spotlight to the detail & textures with in the space and not just colors & patterns.

Lake Martin Private Residence


Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Decorator’s White is another tried & true classic interior white. It’s bright & clean making it the perfect white to bring new life to an old space as you can see from the Rosemary Beach renovation we did below. This is also the perfect white to reflect the perfection of a sunny day through statuesque windows. The Rosemary Beach Private Residence that is featured in Veranda this month soaks up the Florida sun through it’s expansive windows. Pick up a copy (on stands now!) to enjoy the rest of the home.

Rosemary Beach Renovation

Rosemary Beach Private Residence


Restoration Hardware Buttermilk

We love so many of Restoration Hardware’s paint colors-they truly have developed a new range of classics. A few years back their Buttermilk was the perfectly warm white for this private residence in The Retreat. It’s warm with out any taupe/yellow undertones. It’s technically in the ‘Butter’ collection at Restoration Hardware, but after using it for the majority of the interiors in this space we beg to differ. This white will make your home feel warm & cozy.

The Retreat Private Residence


Sherwin Williams Pearly White

 And Pearly White from Sherwin Williams is to soon be your new favorite white-we promise. We loved it so much that the majority of the interiors of the 2012 Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Ga. is painted this color. We are sorry-but the photo below is the only interior shot we can share. The issue will be out later this month-enjoy one more clue!

2012 Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Ga.

Install and such

We have all been all over the place. This past week Doug, Hannon and I installed the home at Lake Martin that we have been working on. It is a great house with a beautiful view. You probably don’t want to read about it… You want to see photos…. Here you go…

Doug driving the van down to the lake. The van (aka Tracey) was full of pillows and lamps.










Hannon titled this… How many designers does it take to fill a pillow?



This is when we got silly…. Yes that is me in the tub… It was late what can I say…


And a toast with our clients to their new home.


P.S. come back tomorrow as we start our series… 12 days of giveaways… Tracery style

A few details…

Hi all! I just flew back home from Nashville. My husband Mark and I went to celebrate his birthday and for a little work. We ate good food. We listened to music. We drank good drinks. We visited with friends. We had fun. Now we are at home watching the CMA’s (we have a friend who is on the show tonight) and I am flipping through photos on my iPad. I found this set of photos that somehow along the way I forgot to post. A while back we designed a house at Lake Martin. It has been featured on our blog, in Food and Wine, in Birmingham Home and Garden, and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles but some of these shots that I took around the house one day when AK and I were there have never been shared. So take a look around the nooks and crannies…




















Lake Martin kitchen in progress

Hey everyone, it’s Doug.  Late last week I made a trip to Montgomery, about an hour south of Birmingham, to pay a visit to the cabinetmaker who is crafting the kitchen and bath millwork for the house we’re working on at Lake Martin (which we’ve previously shared with you here).  The kitchen cabinet ‘boxes’ (the structure of the cabinets and the drawer frames–but not the door and drawer fronts) have been built and the cabinetmaker set them up in a full-scale mock up that allowed our client and I to walk through the space before it’s installed in the home.

That's Alan. He's the cabinetmaker. And a very good one based upon my visit...everything is EXACTLY to our design drawings. Behind him is the refrigerator/range wall.


This is our design drawing of the back wall of refrigerator/range wall of the kitchen that is pictured above behind Alan.


Here's the sink wall, which once installed will be completed by a wall of windows overlooking the lake slough next door to the house.


Here's our drawing of the sink wall. The cabinet in the corner is admittedly, very high; but with an 11 foot ceiling the room needs some tall elements to tie the millwork to the space.


Cabinets are also underway for the Master Bathroom.  Combining wood planked walls with elegant cream-colored ‘Danby’ marble, this room is going to be incredible!


The wall of cabinetry for the vanity cabinets in the Master Bathroom.


Here's our drawing of the vanity wall, old-school tilt mirrors and shiny nickel sconces will complete the space.

Things are really starting to shape up at this project…we’ll post more updates soon!