Inspiration: Antique Doors

We LOVE antiques.  There are so many things to say about them…. unique, hand crafted, weathered, patina, hand forged hardware, pegs, I could go on and on….  So when our client showed us these beautiful antique doors we were excited to use them in the design of their home.  The master bedroom suite was an addition to the 1929 english tudor.  This was the perfect room for these beautiful doors.  One of our favorite things about the doors is the color and patina.  Isn’t it just gorgeous?  With that as our inspiration we had the room paneled and then had our custom finisher finish the woodwork.  The walls and ceiling above the paneling are venetian plaster.  We loved the French green of the doors because of this color being part of the doors and walls we furnished the room in several neutral tones.  We selected antiques, new pieces, and a designed a custom headboard to complete the room.  So take a look around….

Don’t you just want to take a nap in that bed?

Happy Monday!


all photos by Colleen Duffley

4 thoughts on “Inspiration: Antique Doors

  1. The patina on the door in the third picture down looks fantastic. I guess that is an original door, I mean, you didn’t achieve that effect by some artificial means (painting then scrubbing down or the like)?

    Where I live in the world there are still many doors to be found like this one – you have give me an idea for a business actually 🙂 (don’t worry, it wouldn’t compete with yours, not even close!) There are SO many old houses with old doors like this one just going begging!


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