Day 6 of our 12 Giveaways

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.

On the 6th day of giving fun goodies away, we are offering this porcelain bird jar to a lucky blog reader. This jar comes from a great collection we have here in the shop (And remember, these great items are available for anyone who is interested, as well!)


To win, just tell us what’s number one on your list to Santa this year?? We hope you’re on the NICE LIST!!

30 thoughts on “Day 6 of our 12 Giveaways

  1. I want an initial bracelet from Sweet Auburn Studio, a shop on Erst. We had twins in November, and they are currently still in the NICU. The bracelet would have their initials!! It’s a fun Etsy shop. Merry Christmas!!


  2. Health & Happiness for my family of course, but on the selfish side…I asked my husband for a new mailbox. My morning glories did a number on our current one this past year. Thank you for offering a fab giveaway!


  3. I’m just happy to be going home and spending time with my (very recent) fiancé! First Christmas out of school, and all this work and being away from home makes a girl homesick.


  4. My one wish would be that my teenage son would be his happy self again!

    One material thing would be an ipad mini.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!


  5. i’m a dogwalker in the chicago area. every year i remind my clients, instead of leaving me a gift please leave a bag of towels, rags, and other stuff that i can drop of at the animal welfare league.


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