It’s our 5th day of 12 Giveaways!

Thank you all for participating in the Giveaways. You guys are awesome and we have had so much fun reading what you’ve had to say!

**We will announce the most recent winners very soon!! It could be you!**

For today, we want to send someone a set of these glass candle votives. These make a perfect little accessory even for the holidays!


To win these votives, just leave a comment and tell us what name you’d give to an Elf!

22 thoughts on “It’s our 5th day of 12 Giveaways!

  1. This year is the first year we have had an “Elf on the Shelf” live with us before Christmas. Our family loved the name “Buddy” because we love the movie ELF.


  2. A new little elf has just joined our family—the four-legged, furry kind of elf—and his name is George. Except he’s really not very little. 60 lbs, still growing, rescued from a shelter and shedding hair faster than a Christmas tree sheds needles. This
    elf, like most elves I know, is one big ball of fun.


  3. our elf on the shelf is “Bubby”. i have called my 18 month old grandson Bubby since birth. so when our elf first showed up at our house it just seemed right.

    merry christmas.


  4. Sir Elfington… This is our Elf on the Shelf at home! Maybe we have been watching too much Million Dollar Decorators. It sounds like an elf Martin Bullard would own. Daaaaaa’ling. 🙂


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