please join us…

…we’re celebrating our recent feature in House Beautiful with two parties this week!  We’ll be hosting events simultaneously at both Tracery locations–Rosemary Beach and Mountain Brook–this Wendesday, February 16, from 4pm to 6pm.  Please join us if you can, and be sure to check out all the newest arrivals at both shops from our recent market trip. 

And since it’s Valentine’s Day, we want to send a little love out to all of you…thanks so much for your support and for checking in with us everyday here on the blog!

updated collage wall

Hey everyone, it’s Doug again…back with some more photos from the same house we shared earlier this week.  And I’ll tell you a little secret–it happens to be the same house featured in the March issue of House Beautiful!  Today we are taking a look at an upstairs hallway in the home, which connects a pair of bedrooms to the Kids Den and another pair of bedrooms beyond.  We already showed you how we added two large Mallory Page works to the home’s stairway to complete a blank wall that we’d always intended to showcase art.  In the hallway we are looking at today, Paige and I already hung a big collage of white framed family photographs.  Lately, we’d all been feeling that this space needed a little something more, so while Hannon and I were over at the house to install the big pieces in the stairway, we brought along a few other things to try in the hall.


By re-spacing the framed photos, we made room to add four more Mallory Page pieces to compliment those in the adjacent stairway.  We also added two vintage frames from our Mountain Brook shop, which we’d had lacquered white and had added antiqued mirror to.



The soft color of Mallory’s pieces blend well with the black and white scheme we’d already established in the hall, but at the same time they add just enough interest to keep the composition from being too flat.  We love how this space turned out…a perfect gallery area for the family to enjoy.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend.  Thanks from all of us for all of your kind words, e-mails, facebook posts and blog posts about House Beautiful, we appreciate each and every kind word!