{tracery tips} more of our favorite neutral paint colors

Around this time last year, we shared some of our favorite neutral paint colors.  That post has consistently been one of our most read and commented since, so today we wanted to follow up and share a few more with you.  If you follow our work, you know that more often then not, we select neutral paint colors and let accents like artwork or patterned pillows add color and interest to a space.  Neutral doesn’t necessarily have to mean beige and boring though.  As with every paint color we post about, we’ve used all of these in our projects and we can attest to their success, though of course you should always sample a color in your own space before committing to several gallons!


‘White Dove’ by Benjamin Moore (OC-17) is such a peaceful color.  We love to use it in bedrooms and bathrooms.  It’s a nice creamy tone without being too yellow (we are not fans of yellowy whites…they are not flattering–to people or furnishings!)



Visitors to our Rosemary Beach shop often remark about the dark color that wraps the center room of our space…it’s this shade, Sherwin Williams ‘Urbane Bronze’ (SW-7048).  Not only does it make a great ‘dark room’ color–try it on the ceiling, walls, trim, everywhere for a really dramatic effect–but it’s also a great color for exterior windows and trim.  There’s just enough black in this dark brown to give it a really distinguished look.


Charcoal Gray continues to be a really popular wall color.  Benjamin Moore’s ‘Iron Mountain’ (2134-30) has just a touch of brown so it isn’t too color or too black.  It looks great paired with crisp white or natural linen.


We’ve found that one of the problems with trying to introduce grey into homes is that anything too brown or beige suddenly looks dirty up against the cooler tones of a grey paint color.  Benjamin Moore’s ‘Clay Beige’ (OC-11) is a good compromise, it has a hint of grey mixed with just enough of a linen tone to make it really versatile.




22 thoughts on “{tracery tips} more of our favorite neutral paint colors

  1. Thank you! I so love posts like this. My parents, 15 years ago, painted all the trim in their dream custom home White Dove – I’ve been hearing those two little words for YEARS.

    I may check out Clay Beige today.


  2. Last summer we painted our living room and adjoining dining room Clay Beige and we love it. It is a wonderful color taking on different hues in different light. Sometimes it looks very linen like and neutral and sometimes it has a very gray/green French gray look – great color and a great recommendation for a dynamic neutral.


  3. Great selection of colors. I was only aware of White Dove, but may have some uses for the others. I’m about to try some White Dove in my house for the first time and looking forward to seeing how it comes out.


  4. Ooooh new colors to add to my go-to list. White Dove is my
    favorite white! – it’s on all my trim and my kitchen cabinets.
    Another great warm gray is SW Amazing Gray!


  5. I LOVE this post….thank you! Have you ever used China White on kitchen cabinets? I am getting ready to do a kitchen remodel and need a good creamy white color to paint my cabinets.


  6. I love White Dove, and have used it as my trim and kitchen cabinet color in the farmhouse. Another alternative to the Clay Beige, as a ‘gray with some brown undertones’ that I have used is: Halo (oc46) and Ashwood (oc47) I absolutely adore them.
    I bet that Urbane Bronze is gorgeous!



  7. Wonderful color picks!! I use a BM white that I know only by number – 925. It is the perfect warm white that doesn’t have any discernible yellow but is very soft – maybe it’s the same as the White Dove. I adore the Urbane Bronze – I’ve been looking for a dark brown for my powder room – that just might do the trick – wonder how it looks in high gloss, which I’m considering. And when I last painted, I was looking for a color like Clay Beige for my entry which continues upstairs – I ended up choosing a somewhat similar Farrow and Ball shade (I believe it was String) which I think is a tad lighter.


  8. Do you have any pictures on you blog to show Clay Beige? I am loving that color, and
    wanting to paint my den/kitchen and kitchen cabinets that color.
    LOVE your website!


    • HI,

      I love Clay Beige and it is my staple color….safe. I used it my business in Boston and clients use to ask me about the color all the time and my landlord loved the color so much she painted her entire house that color! Funny!

      Once we moved to San Francisco, I had our living room, kitchen, and bedroom painted clay beige. I would highly suggest that you use a white trim color, love the contrast between the white trim and beige walls.

      good luck!


  9. I so love your style! I’ve been pondering exterior paint colors for weeks and need help! I’m going get a sample of White Dove to see if it will work for an exterior trim color on a house with cypress siding! Any suggestions for a blue or green with “southern coastal charm” that can be used for a shutter color against the reddish tone of cypress lap siding?


  10. Is B/M Clay Beige close to Edgecomb Grey? I painted my North facing wall B/M Edgecomb Grey and it is pretty dull and washed out looking in the day light.
    I want to go with a warm grey that doesn’t read blue or green, but goes with a
    honey coloured floor and a Latte coloured sofa.


  11. Hello I just looked up Iron Mountain and can’t find it on my color wheel. My BM color wheel is new do you know if they changed the name? Thank you in advance on any guidance. Best, G


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