We love the natural beauty and texture of driftwood.  Here’s a brief round up of some of our favorite driftwood-themed items and accessories.

Nantucket Driftwood Lamp, $439

The Nantucket Lamp (from Tracery) is a great example of how driftwood can be both rustic and chic at the same time.  Practically speaking though this lamp is cool because the height of the socket/shade is adjustable and the silver-lined putty paper shade casts a really nice indirect light.  Doug has the white version of this lamp (with a different shade) in his living room.



Kingston Driftwood and Glass Oval Coffee Table, $1298

Like the look of that lamp so much you want to make it a coffee table?  Here you go!  We love the way the glass floats over the sculptural driftwood base of this piece.  There’s a similar version (which is whitewashed) that we used at Silverock Cove last year (as seen on our website and in Birmingham Home & Garden).  The table pictured above, is also available from Tracery and comes in a side table too.


Driftwood Mirror, Crate and Barrel, $199


Isn’t this a cool take on a sunburst mirror?  And a great price.



Kazu Sculpture, $597


The real beauty of driftwood is its sculptural quality.  This piece captures that essence perfect…the wood floats above an iron base supported by steel pins.


What’s your favorite driftwood piece depicted here?  Or have you noticed this trend elsewhere?  If you’d like more information on any of the pieces depicted above that are from Tracery, just e-mail us at shop [at] traceryinteriors [dot] com

6 thoughts on “driftwood

  1. I love that mirror and what a great price. Driftwood and washglass (seaglass) is hard to find here in LA. I got a long string of driftwood from a guy on Venice Beach and hang it near my door at the beach. Makes me happy whenever I look at.


  2. I’ve decorated with driftwood/forest wood for years! I love the individual pieces and the color in general. In fact, right now I am trying to find a driftwood stain/wash for the ceiling boards (v-match, rough cut, fir) for the barn room. If you have any fave stains I would dearly love to hear!!



  3. There is a mixture that comes in a bag, it makes a gallon and when painted on natural wood, it turns it gray as though it has been sitting in the sun for years.

    I am not sure of its name, but it is fairly well known in Canada.


  4. I have loved making mirrors, lamps, tables, candle holders, benches and napkins rings out of driftwood for years. My facebook.com/azcanuck has many pictures of what I have done. Please feel free to visit, comment and share.


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