ready for guests

Do you have guests coming for the holidays?  We think that bedrooms should always be relaxing and peaceful–but particularly so when they are intended for guests.  In this guest bedroom we designed for a home in Mountain Brook, Alabama we strove to create a space that provided a welcoming place for guests to the home.  Throughout the second floor of this renovated home the ceiling height was raised from a claustrophobic 8 feet to a much more spacious 11 and a half.  The beams and brackets we designed to detail the new ceiling are subtly highlighted with a trim color that’s just a shade off from the pale and neutral wall color.  To take advantage of the high ceilings that were created we selected a hammered iron bed with an open canopy.  The lightness of the bed is contrasted by the heaviness of the antique wood chest, which is topped with a dark marble.  Little courtesies like bedside lamps and mirrors are always thoughtful in guest bedrooms.  Underfoot a shag rug ensures that guests will step out of bed onto a soft and warm floor–perfect for this time of year.

Of course great bedding makes any bedroom more inviting.  In this bedroom we had a custom linen coverlet made for the bed and then mixed in a collection of shams in complimentary patterns.

”]One embroidered pillow in a lighter tone is all the accent that’s needed to bring some interest to this cozy bed.

What do you do to make your guest bedroom more inviting?

7 thoughts on “ready for guests

  1. Great images Doug! Good lighting to read at bedtime. An assortment of books and magazines in the room. A lovely scented candle. Fresh flowering plant like an amaryllis etc!

    Joyeaux Noel!

    I have a new giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

    Art by Karena


  2. I always ensure there are some current magazines and assortment of books. I always put a bottle of water near the bedside table, a nice candle, fresh flowers and prior to them coming fresh towels, hand towels, and a washcloth. I also have an extra blanket incase they are cold and I do provide a bathrobe.


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