Christmas Tree…again… again… again

Four years ago we went to a tree farm and bought a Christmas Tree.  We decorated it and had a great Christmas!  I have always wanted a tree without needles so we took the tree into the backyard after Christmas and stood it in the woods and waited.  Every now and then I went into the back yard and shook the tree.  Then the next Christmas the tree came back inside.  It was fun that after Christmas the tree went back into the backyard.  We lacquered the tree white for the next 2 Christmases.  Now we are on Christmas #4 with the same tree(isn’t that crazy?)  Now every year we come up with new ideas!  This year my daughter, Mallory, and I sprayed the tree silver then we sprayed it with GLITTER!  So our theme this year is sparkle.  We had such a good time decorating our family tree.  I hope you enjoy.  Merry Christmas to all!

Here I am changing the tree from white to silver!

More silver....

Adding the glitter.

After the tree dried we brought it inside and added the lights.

Then we added the ribbon.

Then we added an assortment of silver balls.

Mallory took another great close-up!

Here is our tree! Now it is time to wrap presents!

Thanks Mallory for photographing our Christmas tree!  You did a great job!



10 thoughts on “Christmas Tree…again… again… again

  1. OMG I to have the same idea I saved last years tree and my husband and kids think I’m crazy . There still wondering what I’m up to now this Christmas .They say great minds think alike .


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