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There was a great post on Things That Inspire a couple of weeks ago that dealt with the often-discussed problem of where to attractively place a television within a room.  We face this question frequently when designing interiors.  We try to be realistic about the issue–almost every one has a television and we think at this point there’s little use in trying to hide them.  We’ve relocated more than one bulky armoire that suddenly became outdated when a flat screen television came into the house.  Today, we think it’s perfectly okay to hang a flat screen on the wall without elaborate camouflage.

In this Rosemary Beach living room we’ve showed you before, Paige and Anna Kay hung the television directly over the fireplace.  In a vacation home where casual living is the goal, we think this solution is just fine.  The clean-lined stone cladding which was added to the fireplace is a fitting complement to the sleek black tv.  Components and other accessories are housed in the small cabinet to the left of the fireplace.  [photo by Michael Granberry]

Some people can’t sleep without a television in the bedroom.  In this Mountain Brook, Alabama bedroom the only place for a tv to go in view of the bed was the wall opposite the headboard.  With a double window and pair of doors at either end, there wasn’t enough room in between to place a piece of furniture so we again opted to hang the tv directly on the wall.  An all black tv would have been way too heavy visually in this nearly all-white room so we had the frame and mount of the television painted to match the wall color.  As a result the tv blends in as much as possible with the wall rather than standing out.  [photo by Colleen Duffley]

Space was again an issue in this Birmingham, Alabama keeping room–there was not wall bigh enough to place a piece of furniture to sit a tv upon.  Because of this, Paige opted to hang the television up high in one corner of the room.  An articulating bracket allows the tv to be swiveled toward the adjacent kitchen.  The higher placement of the tv also allows a comfortable arrangement of furniture for fireside conversation when the tv is turned off.  [photo by Ryan Davis]

In this Mountain Brook, Alabama breakfast room, when a black television looked too heavy we first tried swapping it out for a silver-colored model.  When we still didn’t love the very modern looking tv in conjunction with the beautiful suite of French and English furnishings, we solved the problem by having the tv framed in antique oak stained to match the woodwork in the space.  [photo by Colleen Duffley]

Sometimes, we find a wall-hung television needs a piece of furniture beneath it to anchor it into the space.  In this Lake Martin, Alabama media room, an antique French farm table is the perfect complement to the tv.  Three antique metal boxes fill the space between and create an attractive focal point for the lower half of the wall.

Doug used a similar trick in his own Mountain Brook, Alabama living room, placing a painted sideboard beneath the television.

Doug’s collection of design books and a few pieces of white pottery create a tablescape that keeps the scene from being all about the tv.

So where’s the tv in your house?  Have you embraced flat screen on the wall look yet?

18 thoughts on “television placement

  1. My husband has finally agreed to replace our huge dated television. I’m not sold on the idea of hanging a new set over the fireplace. I may be old-fashioned, but I like to see a beautiful piece of art or a lovely mirror over the mantle, not an ugly black box.


  2. we just dealt with this very problem. we have an unsightly TV hole above the fireplace (thank you builder), we rarely watch tv so I figured we should just have it covered, but my husband had other ideas. He went out bought a flat screen to actually fill the space. I must say it looks so much better, but I am sure it would have been much cheaper to just fill in the hole,ha!


  3. somehow came across your blog and kept seeing the mention of “anna kay” and thought – this has GOT to be the anna kay i know…and it is! hi anna kay 🙂 its natalie from INDS. glad to see you are doing well and your work is beautiful! take care!


  4. We also had a whole above our fire place when we moved in, I did for a while put a large mirror to hide the whole & loved it, but then we got a flat screen. We did go a fill some of the whole but left enough at the bottm for all the stuff that goes with the tv. Although not my ideal place, it does look nice & it basically the center point of our room.


  5. Thank you!!!! We are building a new home and I have been coming on your blog for almost a YEAR for ideas for our new home and I can never figure out the TV situation no sites really address the issue so THANK YOU!


    • Well, we’re glad you’re a regular reader, Kim. We appreciate it! Be sure to reference the Things That Inspire post that we reference at the beginning of our post…it’s got a lot more good information on this topic.


  6. Ours is sited on a chest of drawers to the left of our fireplace and at 37″ is still too big. I just can’t come to terms with a tv over a fireplace or in a bedroom. They really are such ugly things and, I believe,marketed towards the majority of males (sorry Doug !).Its a real ‘boys toys’ situation which could be compared with most mens choice of car. The bigger and sleeker,the better! What amazes me about the UK is that the smaller the home, the bigger the telly. The living rooms aren’t large enough to sit far enough away from them to see them properly! It must be like sitting on the front row at the movies.
    Just give me a couple of moments to climb down off my soapbox !!
    Sorry, should have added good post! Waiting for the next one!


  7. I really like how Doug handled the TV in his own home, and loved seeing all of these pictures! I never get tired of seeing Tracery Interiors work, each and every space is so unique and the decor is so custom.

    We are going to put the TV above the fireplace in our new family room, but the fireplace will be recessed (an inglenook fireplace!) and the firebox opening will be low with no mantle – just a simple stone frame. There is going to be paneling, so the TV can be concealed.

    In the main TV viewing area in the basement, Suzanne is going to get an a console designed for hiding TV equipment (and the Wii) and the TV will be hung on the wall, but since this is an area really designed for TV watching, the TV is going to be front and center!


  8. Beautiful installations! The wood frame is quite ingenious!

    Yes we hung a big flatscreen on the wall…and placed an old asian turquoise altar table below it to house the “stuff”.

    Which begs the question…where IS the “stuff” for many of those wall hangs. (the reciever,Tivo,dvd player….) Or are we the only one with those things??!


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