Alys Beach Details

Many of you have already picked up a copy of the Tracery book! If not, you have surely seen a copy of the cover online… The “Crafted with Care,” section of the book takes you into an Alys Beach Escape to see more from the Alys home on the cover. Tracery fell in love with this home, if you did as well, and need to see more, keep reading! Tracery is,”Details, Design, and inspiration.” We’ve decided to share a few photos of the details to take you deeper into this Alys Beach Escape…

AlysTracery03 AlysTracery09 AlysTracery16 AlysTracery20 AlysTracery22 AlysTracery24 AlysTracery29

Don’t forget about the book signing tomorrow, Thursday, April 2nd from 4-6pm in the shop! Meet authors Paige and Lynn and get your signed copy!! Thanks for reading!


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