pink at the beach

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  We just received copies of some gorgeous photos our friend Jean Allsopp took last year for the book she co-produced with Lynn Nesmith, 30A Style.  Featured in the book was a house we designed in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida–near our Rosemary Beach shop and studio.  The Master Bedroom features a healthy dose of hot pink and we thought today of all days would be the perfect time to share the room with you!

In this same home, the Girl’s Room also features fun hot pink accents.  In her adjacent Bathroom, hot pink stripes on the horizontal planking add a really fun and unexpectedly dose of color to the room.

Here’s hoping your day is fun and colorful and full of lots of love.  Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Tracery!

-Paige, Anna Kay, Heather, Bess, & Kristina in Rosemary Beach…..Doug, Hannon, Sarah Virginia, & Kathryn in Mountain Brook

8 thoughts on “pink at the beach

  1. I ADORE using bright colors at the beach…orange, red, pink, bright yellow…it’s so fun and so unexpected! It’s hard to convince clients to go that direction though. They typically want soft, tranquil colors, but I think the more colorful, the better. And y’all nailed it perfectly here with the pink…kudos!!


  2. I love pink! Wish I knew how to incorporate it into our home. Maybe it’s just because we live in the Midwest and everything is grey/brown at this time of year.
    We need a little splash of color.
    Thanks for brightening my day, Tracery.


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