Fort Lauderdale Install

Hey Everyone! Leslie here. I wanted to share some of the photos from our most recent install in Fort Lauderdale. I was there for just over 24 hours…and it’s amazing what can be done in that amount of time! It was a great install and a beautiful home right across from the beach. It’s always interesting to see different parts of Florida when you live there. Every beach I visit seems to be unique in it’s own way. 30-A could not be more different than the hustle and bustle you find in south Florida!

I rounded off the trip with a couple of days in one of my favorite cities, Nashville! Visiting great new restaurants, the Southern Living Idea House, and Antique Archeology were some of the highlights of this particular trip. If you don’t already know, I’m in love with the Music City!

I did manage to squeeze in some beautiful sunsets and eat some fresh seafood! Happy 4th of July to you all!

photo (5)

photo (4)

photo 2


photo 1




photo 3


photo 3

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L.A. for the holidays also known as Better Late than Never!

Hi all!  OK…. I am a little behind with this.  I wrote most of this post in January then never finished.  But here it is… I am embracing the saying “Better late than never!”

Paige here!  Over Christmas my family and I went on a fun trip to Los Angeles. We just on a whim picked a trip that we all wanted to go on and just went.  We had soooo much fun.  We stayed our first night in Venice Beach, then L.A. for a few nights, then Santa Barbara, back to L.A., then home to Florida.  It was one of those trips with your family that is just so amazing  (and a much needed break).  When we travel we love to share beautiful places we visit with you.  We believe that traveling is always inspiring.  Here were some of our favorite spots.

Rooftop bar at our hotel

Lunch at Gjelina- AMAZING

Loved Shopping on Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach.  (I did ship a cake stand home… love it!)

Little something special from Kelly Wearstler

In and out Burger in Westwood

The weather was perfect at the Getty.

The decor, food, and experience were all excellent at The Bazaar.  It was sooooo Philip Stark (which it should be since he designed it!)

Hello Wine Country….L.O.V.E.  the Santa Ynez Valley

Headed for drinks.

Then we headed to the Chateau.

The room was so pretty with the Christmas Tree.

I love the personalized stationary in the room.  A great touch.

Well that’s it.  We loved L.A.  We can wait to head back west soon.



happy {almost} weekend

Hi Everyone-Bess here to leave you with a few photos to lead you into the weekend! I’ve recently picked up a project near New Orleans, LA. and was lucky to hop over to that area early last week for what made a very quick trip. It’s nice to get out of town every now & then to soak up a little inspiration-hope these photos bring a little of that inspiration to you as well!

Stanley is a must for Breakfast if you find yourself near by!

New York….one more post.

So…. I am sitting here going through our photos from our trip to New York and then the Hamptons.  There are looootssss of photos.  So I wanted to share a few with you today from the New York part of the trip.  Living in a small beach community I LOVE to head to the city.  We had days of shopping at flea markets, market (The New York International Gift Fair), visits to job sites, and great dinners with friends.  At this point it seems like a whirlwind…. and it was…

After we checked in The Standard the beer garden was an afternoon stop.

Here we are enjoying a drink on the top floor of The Standard.

Headed to dinner. My friend Christi joined us in New York. She is going to LOVE this picture of her from behind walking down the street.We were headed to Minetta Tavern. It was great. Mark(my husband) and Doug enjoyed the black label burger and highly recommend it.

 There were some good finds at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market on Saturday Morning.

Love this booth

My friend George found this vintage Auburn belt buckle.  As an alum I had to buy it.  Now I just need to get a belt to go with it!


I see drapery tie backs...

Then on to market.

We loved this bedding at market. How gorgeous is this?

Dinners and drinks were a must after walking all day.  Our friend George picked some cool places.

Tiny's in Tribeca = LOVE

Dinners with my husband and friends at Raoul's

After we went to Raoul’s we headed across the street to The Dutch.  My design nerd came out.  I went to the bathroom and thought they were cool.  I stayed in the stall until the bathroom was clear so I wouldn’t look like a total crazy person shooting photos. So here they are… toilet and all!

The blue tile and unlaquered brass and red trash can was great.

It was all so clean and classic. more bathroom stalker location

On the way out of my bathroom stalking a snapped a shot of the hallway.

I love the lights in the restaurant.

After our meeting at CORE we headed over to ABC Kitchen for lunch.  Yum and beautiful a great combination!

this was our table.

Obviously we were eating an early lunch. is was packed about 20 minutes after I took this photo.

Then of course we had to walk through ABC Carpet and Home….

I just drool over the merchandising every time I am in this store.

I want it all....

a close up detail.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping and meetings at a couple magazines.  After our last stop we strolled (well sort of limped) over to Chelsea Market.  It is such a fun place.  We had to stop for a late afternoon snack (yes that is macaroni and cheese).

Afternoon snack!

Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market.

Have you seen the Ace Hotel?  I love it… all the colors, patterns, etc.  We had to stop by the Breslin in the Ace Hotel for a drink.  Here are a couple shots

Such a fun place!

That is my husband above ordering me a drink.  Again everyone is going to love these odd photos.

The green paint is to die for!

Doug is just going to love all these random shots of himself.

So New York was fun and a lot of work!  After New York we spent a few days in the Hamptons to decompress.  We will follow up with a blog post about that.  It was AWESOME!  The vacation was a much needed getaway.

Back to the grindstone!  Happy Monday!



Rocky Mountain High

Hi, Paige here! I have been singing along with John Denver for the last few days. We(my husband Mark and our daughter Mallory) took a little vacation to Colorado. Mark’s parents live in Boulder. I am definitely a southern girl but I sure do love Colorado. What’s not to love…. Cool crisp air,lots of sunshine, and beautiful natural surroundings.
Here are some shots of our trip…. Mark and I did make a 1 night escape to Vail and Breckenridge which was really nice. Happy Monday!

















Hey everyone, it’s Doug.  To say we’ve been traveling a lot lately would be an understatement.  From New York to Missouri, and everywhere in between, our projects have us spread all over the place right now.

Last week, Paige joined me in Birmingham on Monday afternoon for an interview for a potential new project.  On Tuesday she and I had meetings in Birmingham all day–including a great one about the Birmingham Home & Garden Inspiration Home that we’re designing.  Wednesday, we headed to Atlanta to visit ADAC and gather fabric samples for some new projects we’re working on.  Anna Kay joined us Wednesday night in Atlanta and we all three attended the cocktail opening of the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Luxury Living Show at Phipps Plaza.  It was great to catch up with editor Clint Smith while we were there.  Thursday we headed out to Scott’s Antique Market for the day and then Paige and AK drove home and I came back to Birmingham.  Friday we all caught up on office work and meetings.  On Saturday, Hannon and I packed up and went to Silverock Cove at Smith Lake for the day, where we set up a mini-Tracery shop during the Dock at the Rock event.

Whew!  What a week…here’s hoping this one is a little more low key!  We tried to snap plenty of photos along the way last week to document all the activity, here are a few:

Monday night dinner at Bottega Cafe in Birmingham with Paige's sister, Maggie

Paige and Anna Kay at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Luxury Living Show kick off event on Wednesday night

An amazing antique French armoire we purchased for our Rosemary Beach shop

A fun apple green painted piece of iron work that's headed to our Mountain Brook shop

A set of dining chairs we are having reupholstered for a project at Lake Martin

Loading as much as possible into the Tracery van!

Our mini store at the Dock at the Rock event at Silverock Cove

Atlanta, part 2


As Paige mentioned the other day, she and I spent most of last week in Atlanta.  We got so much accomplished!  We were in town first and foremost for the always amazing Scott’s Antique Market, where we picked up literally a truckload full of goods for various projects we’re working on as well as some great new pieces for our both of our shop locations.

Want to see some of our finds?

This beautiful beaded crystal chandelier is headed to a Master Bedroom of a house we are designing in Auburn, Alabama.



This pair of mis-matched crunchy leather chairs are headed to the new Sales Center at Silverock Cove on Smith Lake in Alabama.  How cool are they?



One of our favorite things to do at Scott’s is to browse the HUGE tables full of vintage prints.  There are so many!  We picked up a great collection of these botanical prints to frame in a giant grid in the Living Room of a lake home we are designing, also at Silverock Cove.

Our trip wasn’t all work…Paige’s birthday was this past Saturday (Happy Birthday P!) and it was also the 10th year anniversary of when Paige met her husband Mark.  Paige and Mark were living in Atlanta at the time, so they invited their friends to rejoin them at Taqueria del Sol where they first met on her birthday.  We all had a great time!


After Taqueria, we walked across the bridge (if you haven’t been to the Westside Provisions District in Atlanta, you MUST go…such a cool place!) and visited what’s become one of our favorite places to eat (and drink wine too!), Abbatoir.  The atmosphere at this place is amazing…we always leave kind of wishing we’d designed it because it’s just so good.


I have this slightly dorky–okay, REALLY dorky habit–of taking iPhone pics of public restrooms that I think are cool…here’s Abbatoir’s contribution:

That sink is pretty amazing, right?

Until next time, Atlanta!

– Doug