seeing red

The front of our Rosemary Beach Shop is looking pretty festive these days! Did you know that the Rosemary Beach community requires all exterior holiday decor to be natural….no fakey plastic stuff in these parts. Needless to say you have to majorly think outside of the box to do anything ‘different’. Paige had the great idea of having a GIANT stencil made of the Tracery logo and painting it onto burlap-an all natural fiber. The swags are even burlap! The end result is beautiful and such a warm surprise on a cold winter day. Curious as to how this was accomplished? Enjoy a few process photos…

And another interesting end result?! AK & Paige deserve a manicure for Christmas!

Tracery in Southern Lady magazine

You might remember late last year when we told you about a photoshoot that took place in our Birmingham office.  The shoot was for Southern Lady magazine, a title in the Birmingham-based Hoffman Media’s group of publications.  Doug worked with Chad Martin and Ryan Davis of our sister* company, The G Brand, to style the feature which centers around ideas for home office decoration and organization.  A big part of the article centers around the Whitewall & Co. stencil installation that is painted on one wall of Doug’s office.



It took a little bit of ‘magazine magic’ to make Doug’s office look like one in someone’s home, but we think we pulled it off pretty well.  Many, many thanks to our downstairs neighbor, Richard Tubb Interiors for letting us borrow the great tufted linen chair; to our friend Paige Albright at Paige Albright Orientals for loaning us the wonderful Moroccan rug that’s overlayed on the sisal rug that’s normally in the space; and to Sonia Davis** at Inflations & Invitations in Homewood, Alabama for letting us use some stationary from her store–including pieces from her recently released collection from Inviting Company that bears her name.  The desk and floor lamp are available through Tracery.

*okay, “brother” company is actually more appropriate because Doug and Ryan are indeed brothers

**and Sonia is married to Ryan, making her Doug’s sister-in-law…this shoot was a family affair!


[**UPDATED**  everybody loves the wire letter basket pictured…we do too.  it’s from here, looks like it’s out of stock for now, but a great item (and site!)  ]


[photography by John O’Hagan for Southern Lady — all images courtesy of Southern Lady]

another stencil design from Whitewall & Co

We’ve already told you about the amazing custom stencil that our sister company The G Brand designed for the Southern Living Tarpon Run Idea House, and how it helped launch a new venture called Whitewall & Co.  We were so pleased with the way the stencil turned out in the Idea House, we decided to try out another design in our Birmingham office!


The wall behind Doug’s desk (which is unusually clean in this photograph) used to be plain white sheetrock.  With the addition of the ‘Morris Stevens’ pattern stencil from Whitewall & Co. the room now has a dramatic backdrop and considerably more depth than it did before.  By confining the pattern to one wall it keeps things from getting too busy and provides an otherwise ordinary room with a strong focal point.  We love how objects are highlighted when placed against a patterned backdrop–here an rustic barn window and an antique terra cotta chimney pot become sculptural elements. 

For those of you wondering about the details/logistics: The basecoat of the wall is ‘China White,’ and the stencil is in ‘Copley Gray,’ both from Benjamin Moore.  The wall shown here is aproximately 12 feet wide by 8 feet high and took about 8 hours total to complete (you do have to wait for each section to dry before starting again, so there’s a lot of downtime in that 8 hours).

If you haven’t checked out all the great designs available from Whitewall & Co, click [here]


[photo by Ryan Davis, for Whitewall & Co]

custom stenciling from Whitewall & Co


[photo by Laurey W. Glenn for Southern Living]

The first floor Master Bedroom in the Southern Living Tarpon Run Idea House has been getting a lot of attention–and we think deservedly so!  The bedroom and adjacent bath span the width of one end of the house, with doors that lead to a private outdoor deck, sheltered by a porch above and the gulfside dunes beyond.  The wall between the bedroom and bathroom is hardly a wall at all, instead it’s made of floor-to-ceiling windows!  A sleek white bathtub sits just on the bathroom side of the glass wall, with white drapes that allow for privacy when desired. 


[photo by Laurey W. Glenn for Southern Living]

On the other side of the bathroom, dual vanities are split by a vanity space.  We selected funky shell mirrors from Wisteria to bring an unexpected accent above the sinks (we usually like to use decorative mirrors in lieu of run of the mill plate glass ones in bathrooms).


As great as the bathroom is though, it’s the wall behind the bed that’s been getting the most attention:


To answer everyone’s first question, it’s a stencil, not wallpaper.  We first tried stenciling on a project in Mountain Brook, Alabama last year and completely fell in love with the results.  Wallpaper certainly has it’s place, but over time the seams inevitably start to show and once it’s damaged it’s nearly impossible to repair.  Stenciling holds up just like a painted wall would, but you still get the pattern and color that wall covering brings. 

The fabulous Dwell bedding in this room was the inspiration for the color palette we used and ultimately informed our decision to stencil the wall in the persimmon color (Valspar ‘Crimson Glow’ #2011-5, over Valspar ‘Clean White’ #WV31001).  The stencil itself was designed by our sister company, The G Brand and marks the launch of their new online retail venture, Whitewall & Co.  This design, along with many others, is available via Whitewall’s brand new website (link below).  We were excited to be able to showcase Whitewall & Co. for the first time in the Idea House and judging from the reaction thus far, we think it’s going to be a very successful new venture for The G Brand–spread the word!

Check out all the new designs from Whitewall & Co. by clicking [here].   The design we used in the Idea House is ‘Turkish Rose’ from the ‘Patterns’ segment of the site.