finishing touches

Hey everyone, it’s Doug.

We believe that it takes a while for a house to truly be ‘finished.’  We try to anticipate most things when we are designing a house from top to bottom; but some things like an extra rug here or a painting on a wall that looks too a little to bare over there take time.

Such was the case with a Mountain Brook, Alabama home that Paige and I designed–which we completed about a year and a half ago.  Since then we’ve slowly been adding that last ‘layer’ of art and accessories to make the already beautiful home truly complete.

When I was drawing the elevations for the paneling in the stairway of this home, I designated space for two large pieces of art to fill the blank space on an upper wall of the room.  We even selected picture lights to illuminate the art that was intended to go in this spot.  Though we’ve been looking since before the house was finished for the perfect pieces to place in this spot, we’d just never found something that we could all agree was the right thing.

The stairway wall in question...minus paintings. The walls are paint-glazed pecky cypress, by the way. We're pretty fond of the way that finish turned out!


Last week, the homeowner was in our Mountain Brook shop and she remarked to me how much she liked some of the Mallory Page pieces we had on display.  We’ve shared Mallory’s beautiful paintings–which we are proud to carry in our Mountain Brook shopwith you before.  Mallory’s work is so peaceful and serene–just like this house, and the pieces which particularly interested our client happened to be the perfect size for the artless panels in her stairway.

Friday, Hannon and I loaded up two of Mallory’s pieces and headed to the house and a short time later, here’s what resulted…



Aren’t they perfect?  The size is dead on for what was intended to hang here and the beautiful and subtle tones in the paintings is the perfect compliment to this space.  We’re thrilled and most importantly, so is the homeowner.

It might take a while to find the perfect finishing touch for a space, but the wait is worth it when the results are this great, don’t you agree?  Stay tuned later this week for a peek at the hallway you can glimpse in the photo above, we added a few of Mallory’s pieces to spice up that space as well!

{artist spotlight} Mallory Page

Hey, it’s Doug.  Yesterday in our Mountain Brook shop we held a trunk show featuring artist Mallory Page.  In both of our shops we are proud to carry work from regional artists who share our aesthetic.  We’ve just started carrying Mallory’s work since we opened our Mountain Brook shop earlier this year, but plan on adding her work to our Rosemary Beach shops soon as well.  Mallory’s pieces feature abstract forms and soothing colors.  We think her paintings are beautiful, and the wide range of sizes and prices that comprise her work make it a great fit for our shops (and we have eyes on some pieces for some of our design projects too!).

Here a few photos of the latest pieces we’ve added to our Mountain Brook shop.  You can contact us at (205) 414-6026 for pricing or dimensions for anything you see here, or email doug [at] traceryinteriors [dot] com


Don't our fun glazed pottery pieces look great with this painting?




Mallory's pieces have a great range of sizes...we love this little guys, some of which are painted with a BEAUTIFUL iridescent ink that shifts colors with the light.



Our mercury glass votives and accessories complement this piece beautifully

To learn more about Mallory Page’s artwork, visit her website [here]