Southern Living Idea House shaping up

Hey everyone, it’s Doug.  The Farmhouse Renovation Idea House we are designing for Southern Living is really starting to come together.  The house installs mid-May so there’s not much time left!  As the contractors finish up construction on the home, everyone at Tracery has been working to pull together the home’s interiors.

Hannon and I visited Senoia to check in on construction a couple of weeks ago and took these pictures.  I hadn’t been to the house since December (Paige and Anna Kay have been a few times in between) so I was really surprised at how different the house looks!  It’s coming together so fast.  Isn’t that big deep porch great?…and so Southern!  The house is still primed for paint in these pictures, by now it should have received its coat of white paint.  I can’t wait to go back and see that in a few weeks.

Our entire team is working on the Idea House…a project this big that’s coming together this quickly requires a team effort for sure!  From Mountain Brook, Hannon and I have been coordinating a lot of the interior architectural details like plumbing fixtures, door hardware and custom paint finishes.

In Rosemary Beach, Paige, Anna Kay, Bess and Kristina have been coordinating the furniture orders with all of the various sponsors involved with the project; and have been working with our seamstresses and workrooms to get all of the custom drapery for the house fabricated.  A few weeks ago, Paige and I presented our design schemes for the house to the editors of Southern Living, to keep everyone in the loop regarding our vision for the home.  Here are a few of the different schemes we have pulled together for different parts of the house:


The interiors of the home will have a sophisticated palette of neutrals and greys mixed with some stripes and plaids and a few doses of unexpected color.  The home will definitely have a farmhouse feel to it, but in a very updated kind of way.


Now that we’ve ordered all of the major furniture pieces and “new” items for the home, we are all busy scouring vintage shops and antique stores across the South for perfect pieces to complete the home and add some history and character to the interiors.

Hannon and I picked up this collage of vintage school pictures the other day at an antique store in Birmingham.  It will be a fun addition to one of the upstairs bedrooms when we install the home.  We are also excited that to be working with some really great Southern artists such as Mallory Page, Emily Ozier and Courtney Garrett–all will be supplying original artwork for the home that’s really going to be the perfect complement to everything else we’re doing.

We are so excited about this house and can’t wait to show you more soon!  Stay tuned, and in the meantime check out Southern Living’s Idea House page to get more details on the project and to find out how you can see the house for yourself this summer.


The other day as I was scrambling around rummaging through purses, backpacks and baskets looking for the simplest of objects – a pen.  I thought to myself, I don’t think I even own a pen.  How do I not own a pen?  In this age of iPhones, I keep all my lists in it – grocery, errands, work-outs – even journals.  Who can keep up with a pen and much less paper these days?

With all of this social media and iPhone overload, it’s refreshing to step back and use something that is meant for just taking notes – not for getting directions, counting your calories, checking your email, checking the weather, listening to music or oh yeah, calling people.  I’m talking about chalkboards – before the iPhone, before the text, before the dry-erase and even before the Post-it!

The simplest way to get your message across – weather you are the hostess with the mostess who likes to tell her guest what is on the menu or you just want to leave your love or your kids a note.  What do you use chalkboards for?  Tell us below!


If you are interested in the variety of Chalkboards we offer in each location feel free to call Rosemary Beach {850.231.6755} or Mountain Brook {205.414.6026} to request more information or send an email to shop[at]