Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Just a friendly reminder to pick up a copy of Birmingham Home and Garden from the newsstands.  It features a home we (AK and I) designed in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.  It was a really fun renovation for a really great family.  More to come but here is a peak at their new kitchen.  Makes you want to pour a glass of Rose’ and have a seat on the counterstool…. I wish I was doing that now  “Mary and I chatting about life and family and clinking glasses”.





Hamilton Sinkler

Hey, it’s Doug.  Late this spring, a friend of a very good client of ours here in Mountain Brook contacted us.  The friend had been to a party at our client’s house and after seeing it she and her husband decided to contact us to do some work in their family’s newly purchased home (we’re so flattered and honored when things like that happen!)  Anyway, we’ve previously shared a couple of  ‘in progress’ images from the Master Bath we subsequently designed [here] for this family.  As with all renovation projects, the scope of our work expanded (and continues to as we all discover more things in the house that need fixing or improving).  Lately we’ve been working with our friends at Brandino Brass in Homewood, Alabama to swap out random door knobs in the home that had been replaced with bad 80’s brass substitutes.  Home Depot knobs have no place in a museum-quality 1929 English Tudor Entrance Hall, after all!

As I was leaving the other day, I observed that the return air vent in the side of the home’s front stair was an unfortunate painted metal grille.  Apparently in an attempt to blend the grille into the surrounding quarter-sawn oak paneling, someone had painted it a reddish brown color, which only made it more objectionable.  I immediately took note and went back to the office and e-mailed our client with a much more appropriate choice for such a prominent place in this spectacular home.

Enter Hamilton Sinkler, one of our top secret sources for amazing architectural hardware.

Based in New York City, Hamilton Sinkler manufactures an beautiful collection of products.  For an old house, like the project I’m speaking of here, Hamilton Sinkler’s products are great because they are of the same quality, proportion and finish as hardware found in historic homes.  This quality makes matching to and blending with existing items so much easier.  Perhaps even better, Hamilton Sinkler’s products can immediately elevate the quality of a  newly built space to that of a more established home.

How amazing is this cabinet hardware?  It’s truly jewelry for a space!  I am dying to use that hammered knob somewhere…

Details like robe hooks and toilet paper holders are easy to overlook, but when attended to properly they make a big difference.  Hamilton Sinkler carries some beautiful bathroom accessories–and as with all their hardware it’s available in several finishes.

Speaking of small details, grille covers and vents are another place where a sharp eye for detail can make the difference.  Hamilton Sinkler’s amazing cast brass and bronze vent covers are actually what first brought us to this company.

Of course that brings us to the item that inspired this entire post, Hamilton Sinkler’s Scroll Vent.

This is the item I recommended to our client for her Entrance Hall and it’s one that’s we’ve used in other residences as well.  The delicacy of the metalwork and the quality of the cast bronze (it comes in brass too) is really wonderful.  The addition of an element like this can be the perfect finishing touch that makes a space feel truly special.

You can see the complete product offering of Hamilton Sinkler [here].  All images courtesy of their website.