[in the garden] diy Fresh Home planter box

As we mentioned [HERE]…we really love the newest magazine to hit the shelves these days, Fresh Home Magazine. It’s Domino married with Martha Stewart Living and full of amazing recipes, decor ideas & enough do-it-yourself projects to last a lifetime. Bess recently spent one sunny afternoon tackling  the above planter box for her rooftop garden. Her plan is to have four, two at each end of the roof overflowing with potted herbs or flowers.  

[What you need] 1″x4″ pine boards, corrugated metal roofing, sandpaper/electric sander, stain [below], stainless steel screws, an electric drill, a small power saw, drop cloth, rags & protective glasses. Bess used Behr Premium Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Finish in No. 500 Natural.

 The process… 

Ta da!

 A huge thanks goes out to Bess’ Dad, Rick, for doing the majority of the work so she could document. What big outdoor project are you getting ready to tackle? Or what big project do you wish you could tackle?

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