This week in review

Wow…. What a week. I think I am still spinning.  I returned from vacation Monday.  Jumped head first back into our design projects and shops on Tuesday. We had a technological melt down this week… I mean utter meltdown in Rosemary. We think there might be trolls living in the studio…if we find any we will let you know. Then Doug and Hannon went to Auburn to see one client and we all met at Lake Martin to see another. Then back to our shops and studios.  AK and I headed over to the showhouse to finish our room… I hope you all like it!  Meanwhile Bess and I worked on a presentation for next week.  So… This is a random post of some places along the way!


Started the week in Colorado on vacation with my husband’s family.


AK and I headed to our local thrift store to buy some books for the showhouse.


Getting ready for paint!


Painted and ready to go the room at the showhouse!


Site visit at lake Martin.  Jeff (the architect) and Marbury (the builder) having a discussion in the master shower.


Hannon measuring.


Hannon again…


After the site visit we went to Springhouse (a restaurant we designed a few years ago) for dinner.  It was awesome!


Can you say… yum!


Thursday night we went to Labotana for a glass or wine and some music.  Our friend Chas (on the left) is a very talented singer/songwriter…. he wrote “Missing You” for John Waite and “What Kind of Man Would I Be?” for Chicago.


Seleta (of Simply Seleta) and I got a little time to catch up!


First shot of the showhouse… not finished but coming together.  It opens on Weds June 15- Friday July 22.  It is open Wednesday-Friday from 1-6pm every week.  If you are planning a trip to the beach this summer, add this to your list!


Last night we went to sunset at Bud and Alley’s.  We met Lynn (of the book 30A Style) and Paige, one of the editors of Better Homes and Gardens for a glass of wine, chatting, and a beautiful view!  Lynn is surrounded by Paiges in this picture!


Today in the Rosemary Beach shop we are having a trunk show for Mallory Page.  Look at these two great pieces!