Sitting Pretty in Sun Tan City

At Tracery, we want to make sure our customers are “sitting pretty” but in any city! If you’re in the Rosemary Beach area, come visit our store and take a look at our desirable and comfy chairs throughout our two stores. If not, here’s a sneak peek of how you can “sit pretty” but in your own home! You can order by calling or emailing us.

Phone Number: (850)231-6755


  1. The summer breeze is coming and you decide to go outside for a little… Take a seat in what we call an Igloo chair ($364) with the Tri-Zig Throw ($216), which is one of the softest and warmest that we carry in the store. Next to you would be the Outdoor Ottoman ($640) which holds everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable night under the stars! Relax with the help of one of our Indoor/Outdoor Pillows ($195), a Sky Hobnail Candle ($32), and a couple good books such as Tracery ($50) and Southern Cocktails ($14.95)!
  2. Tracery, The Art of Southern Design ($50) – Paige Schnell
    Southern Cocktails ($14.95)- Denise Gee
    Sky by Hobnail Candles ($32)
  3. One of our favorite sets of chairs include a Slipcover Chair ($1,974 each) with a colorful array of throw pillows. ($572 – total price of all three pillows)
  4. This neutral colored, grey seat ($1,365) is deep enough to cuddle up with the Micah Cotton Throw ($182) and the Beehive Pillow ($130) to prepare for a much needed afternoon nap.
  5. Last but not least, the sophisticated yet comfy seating nook including an arrangement of shells and books, the perfect combination for a relaxing summer evening.



Spring Color

Hi all! Paige here! I am headed back from Louisville where 8 of us girls attended the Kentucky Derby. My friends Jane and Marie planned the trip to help their mom with her bucket list. So we called the trip “Janie’s bucket list trip!”. We headed up via a large RV on Thursday with our fearless driver Edwin. Attending the derby is a colorful experience in more ways than one! So I thought I would assemble some color inspiration from the most colorful place I have been in years.













My winnings for one of the races!














After all that color… How can you not want a touch of pink, aqua, yellow, green or blue… I am thinking about my master bedroom…


P.S. this week we start installing the Southern Living Idea House… Exciting!!


The 2012 Pantone color of the year is Tangerine.  Click {here} to find out more.  I love to read about the color of the year then see it show it in fashion and home decor.  Sometimes the color of the year is not my favorite color but this year we were excited!  We are working on a project right now with Tangerine in the living space.


We love the Kelly Werstler fabric Trellis by Schumacher…. don’t you?  This is our first time using it in the “tangerine” color.

In the same room we are using this tangerine stripe (these fabrics with be mixed with linen and white)

The home in Alys Beach will be finished in about a month.  We will show you the finished product after the install!

Here is another tangerine pallette that is pretty… not for any particular project.  It is just a nice start to a room.

All of this makes me want a tangerine swimsuit for the beach… maybe while I am wearing it I can drink a drink that fits the color….

Doesn’t this color just make you smile?

Happy Monday!





We love Saffron.  It is a great color for fall.  Here are a few of our favorite things in saffron.

This barn door is from the Southern Living Idea House 2009 that we designed in Cinnamon Shore, Texas.  The color was perfect with the Dwell Studio bedding we used in this 2nd Master Bedroom.

We love this lamp.  It adds the perfect amount of color to a room.  The height and the shape of the lamp is great in so many designs.  In our designs we like to mix lamps with a more modern design with antiques and vintage pieces. 

I just bought this cardigan from Anthro.  I can not wait to wear it this fall.  I have a feeling it will be one of those items I wear toooo much.

Have a great Monday!



P.S.  Today is Doug’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Doug!