[exterior colors] in the woods

Now that Halloween has passed, summer has certainly transitioned into Fall.  At our Rosemary Beach studio and shop, the temperature has started to drop (this is a beautiful time of year to visit the beach, by the way) and in Birmingham, the trees are turning fall colors and the leaves are crunching underfoot.  We’ve been talking about starting a new blog series for a while now that focuses on exterior color selection–a service we frequently provide in addition to interior design.  Today we thought we’d kick off this series by highlighting some exterior colors we’ve selected for the homes at Silverock Cove, a development about an hour north of Birmingham located on beautiful Smith Lake.



The design of the homes and amenity buildings at Silverock focus heavily on the beautiful natural setting of the site.  When choosing colors for the exterior of the buildings, we selected colors that would blend with the woods, rocks and water while still defining the architecture of the homes (which were all designed by Dungan Nequette Architects).



The grey green body color of this home is repeated on the window trim. Using the same color for both elements respects the simplicity of the home's architecture while darker eaves and fascia provide definition at the roofline. Untreated wood porch elements will weather naturally over time.



On this home, dark brown windows and trim give depth to the color scheme.

We generally find that in a wooded setting, darker windows and trim help buildings recede and blend into their surroundings rather than stand out.  Imagine if the homes pictured above had bright white or cream windows.  The darker tones also feel more rustic and relaxed in a wooded setting.



Charcoal grey trim and windows ground the lighter body color of this lakefront home.


There are over 50 homes at Silverock Cove–with more on the way–so of course we didn’t paint every house a shade of green or brown.  The home pictured above, the first in Silverock’s Phase III actually has a very light body color, which stands in a pleasant contrast to the surrounding woods.  To keep the house from feeling too light though, dark charcoal trim–and eventually windows–keep the color scheme grounded in the wooded setting.  The base of the home will soon receive a stone veneer which will further connect the house to the natural site.


Red window sashes provide a pop of color to this otherwise sedate home

It’s still possible to use color on a home set in the woods too without it seeming out of place.  On the home pictured above, an otherwise quiet color scheme is enlivened with red window sashes that give an unexpected pop of color–and fun–to the home’s exterior.

All of these homes show that when thinking about exterior colors for a home in a natural setting, simple palettes of brown, grey, green and even autumnal red can give distinction to a structure while still blending with nature.



[all photos courtesy Silverock Cove]

New Location of Tracery is Open!

Hi all!  We are so excited about the second location of Tracery!  It opens today!  We would love for you to come by and visit if you are in the area!  Our address is 2814 Petticoat Lane in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

So… we have  been working since last Thursday on the store.  We are still waiting on a couple shipments that we will add in as they arrive, one left Paris last night on Fedex and is on its way from Memphis to Birmingham right now!  We have a roommate at the new location too–Paige Albright Orientals.   Paige has beautiful rugs and it is a great combination in the shop.  So you want a tour?  Here we go!


Our new sign!

Come on in!

Don't you love this round table? I wonder what beautiful home it will go to?

Check out Doug hanging art in the mirror!

Lots of shelves!

We had fun filling the shelves!

Love the new cute light fixtures!

Fun colorful glasses!

We had a vintage chair reupholstered with coffee bags. I really want to take it home...

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Come by and see us!



We are getting so close!!!!

OK… everyone ready!!!  This time next week… a week from today… 7 days away…. just 7 dinners until… 7 lunches from now… there will be a 2nd Tracery store!!!  Can you tell I am excited (we all are!) to have a new location of Tracery.  Doug and I have a long weekend ahead to install the entire store so that Monday October 25th we will be open!  Our address at the new Mountain Brook location is 2814 Petticoat Lane in Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223.  We have a roommate at our new location too!  Paige Albright Orientals is an AMAZING place to find the perfect rug for your home.  Just last week she received in a new shipment of cowhides… oh how I want one from my new guest bedroom renovation!  What a perfect combo, Paige’s beautiful rugs along with the perfect lamp, pillow, candle for your home… all in one place!

So you want to see a few items that we will have at the new store?


I love these candles! How cute are they?



This one will be in all white.



how about number 91 candle?



I love these!!!! Don't you?



Perfect little box for your perfect little earrings!



The perfect little votives!



a cozy bamboo blanket in 5 different colors!



We love fun pillows!


I hope you all stop by to say hi!  We will post pictures so you can join us in our progress.

Have a great week!


not your average giveaway

Wouldn’t we all love to have an extra $100 to spend just before the holiday season? We are more than obliged to help! Here’s how you enter: purchase ANYTHING in our Mountain Brook or Rosemary Beach Shop or online right now through December 1, mention you saw the giveaway on our Blog or Facebook & you will be entered to win a $100 Tracery Shopping Spree! You may enter as many times as you wish-as long as you make a purchase. Feel free to email us at shop[at]traceryinteriors[dot]com if you have any questions. Happy Shopping!

garden party

from left, Paige, Megan from A Life's Design, Marianne from Haven & Home, Brooke from Blueprint Bliss, Paula from Two Ellie, Jennifer from The Newlywed Diaries, and Doug


You may have heard by now, particularly if you read this post, this post, this post, or this post that we hosted a little party in Birmingham last week.  We invited five Birmingham-area based design bloggers, and a few other friends, over to my house for a Garden Party.  The folks from Birmingham Home & Garden were there photographing the event and it will be featured in an upcoming issue.  As a result we can’t spoil the surprise of seeing everything we did to transform my “yard” into a “garden” for the evening, but we will share a few behind the scenes peeks at things.


All the makings of a great party...in our cart at Whole Foods...


In addition to heading up things at Tracery, Paige is also a great cook! Here's a few of the things she prepared for the Garden Party.


It’s just beginning to feel like fall here in Birmingham, so summer flowers like white hydrangea or roses just didn’t feel right for this event.  Paige and I visited Davis Wholesale and selected a variety of aubergine flowers which we placed both inside the house and on tables set around the garden.


Aubergine toned Scabiosa in a vintage green ceramic vase are joined by white pumpkins from Mountain Brook's Western Supermarket--an autumn must have in Birmingham--accenting the corner of the stainless steel work table in Doug's kitchen


Dark aubergine Calla Lillies in a simple bud vase contrast with green moss in an vintage champagne bucket on the dresser in Doug's bedroom


Paige and I had a great time catching up with old friends and getting to meet new ones during the Garden Party.  It was so fun to get to announce our new Mountain Brook store (which is literally a block away from my house!) at the party.  We will be sure to keep you posted on when the Birmingham Home & Garden feature will be out in print.  The day before the party we also received the very exciting news that my house will be soon be photographed for a feature in a national magazine.  We’ll tell you more about that soon too.


– Doug

Spanish Revival bathrooms

Hey, it’s Doug.  We try to be really diligent about getting projects photographed soon after they’re completed–so that we can share them with you here on our blog, among other reasons!  Sometimes though a project will slip by us.  Such was the case with a renovation I designed in collaboration with Dungan Nequette Architects in 2008.  We’ve actually shared some exterior photos of  this Spanish Villa style home with you before–I decorated the exterior of the home for the holidays last year.  This weekend I noticed that the homeowner had posted some photos of the home on Facebook and she graciously has provided a few for us to share with you here.

Built in 1921 and located on the crest of Red Mountain on Key Circle–one of Birmingham’s most prominent and well known locations–I’d always admired this home so naturally I was excited when Dungan Nequette invited us to help design an interior renovation and addition project a couple of years ago.  As with many older homes, this one lacked a proper Master Suite.  A previous owner had already sacrificed an extra bedroom for closet space and in our plan we decided to take things a step further, converting a portion of that closet space into a new Master Bathroom.

The homeowner has an impressive art collection and an eye for colorful and eclectic design.  To reflect the spirit of her home and collection, I selected sparking glass tile which forms a wainscot that wraps the room.  Above the glass mosaic, which is capped in a bullnose stone trim that also frames the mirrors above the lavatories, large travertine slabs cover the upper wall.  We love tiling entire bathrooms–not only is it a practice that’s rooted in historic precedent (and appropriate to this 1920’s house) it also has the effect of creating a soothing and spa like atmosphere.  Rich chocolate-colored limestone provides a grounding visual element to the space.

On the wall opposite the vanity area, I designed a wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets that provide storage for linens and out of season clothing.  Designed to resemble existing cabinetry found elsewhere in the house, these cabinets blur the line between old and new.  We like to include details that look as if they’ve always existed–even if brand new–to help maintain the history and character of an older home.  You can see in this photo that the room’s floor tile is the same as the upper wall–matching these two materials helped to keep the room from feeling too busy and it provided a neutral ground to the colorful glass tile on the wainscot.

One thing that this older home definitely didn’t have as a part of its original design was a walk-in steam shower–which we added to complete this Master Bath.  Located across from a freestanding tub set in a bay overlooking a private garden, this shower is a wonderful luxury.  The shower walls are again clad in large travertine slabs while the glass wainscot tile repeats in the shampoo niche.

The shuffling of walls necessary to accommodate this new Master Bath required us to renovate a secondary bath down the hall as well.  In this space I wanted to really incorporate some details that looked original to the house.  By wrapping the room in another tile wainscot–this time creamy glazed terra-cotta with a Moroccan inspired border–the space has all the 1920’s Spanish Revival character that defines this wonderful residence.

I have to admit I completely fell in love with the border tile the first time I saw it.  Part of Walker Zanger’s Ceramic Alhambra collection, I insisted to the homeowner that this tile was the perfect thing for this bathroom–which is adjacent to her son’s bedroom suite.  Luckily she agreed!

The natural terra cotta background of this tile is complemented with glazed cream and mossy green tones adding just enough color and character to this otherwise neutral space.

On the floor,  basketweave-patterned travertine relates back to the Master Bath, but in a scale more appropriate to this rather small bathroom.  Dark paint on the vanity cabinet adds a touch of masculinity to the space.  Dark colored grout also keeps the room from feeling too light and airy and let’s face it, it’s a smart choice for a bathroom intended for a young boy.

There are many more incredible spaces in this wonderful home, including a to die for pool!  You can see them all for yourself, because as it turns out this home is currently on the market.  You can view the listing here.

[room photos courtesy of the homeowner, tile via Walker Zanger]


Apricot roses perfectly compliment the turquoise and gold detailing of the antique china our client discovered at Robert Hill Antiques in Birmingham. Photo by Colleen Duffley

If you are in the 30A area today, don’t forget to join us between 4 and 6pm at our Rosemary Beach shop to celebrate our recent feature in Food & Wine, and to see our latest new items!   We hope to see you there and will be sure to post some photos from the reception tomorrow on our blog.