updated collage wall

Hey everyone, it’s Doug again…back with some more photos from the same house we shared earlier this week.  And I’ll tell you a little secret–it happens to be the same house featured in the March issue of House Beautiful!  Today we are taking a look at an upstairs hallway in the home, which connects a pair of bedrooms to the Kids Den and another pair of bedrooms beyond.  We already showed you how we added two large Mallory Page works to the home’s stairway to complete a blank wall that we’d always intended to showcase art.  In the hallway we are looking at today, Paige and I already hung a big collage of white framed family photographs.  Lately, we’d all been feeling that this space needed a little something more, so while Hannon and I were over at the house to install the big pieces in the stairway, we brought along a few other things to try in the hall.


By re-spacing the framed photos, we made room to add four more Mallory Page pieces to compliment those in the adjacent stairway.  We also added two vintage frames from our Mountain Brook shop, which we’d had lacquered white and had added antiqued mirror to.



The soft color of Mallory’s pieces blend well with the black and white scheme we’d already established in the hall, but at the same time they add just enough interest to keep the composition from being too flat.  We love how this space turned out…a perfect gallery area for the family to enjoy.

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend.  Thanks from all of us for all of your kind words, e-mails, facebook posts and blog posts about House Beautiful, we appreciate each and every kind word!

House Beautiful

Hi everyone! We are SO EXCITED to announce that one of our designs will be featured in the March 2011 issue of House Beautiful! We can not wait to see the issue in person!  Thankfully, House Beautiful has posted a preview on their website.    So take a look {here} and check your mail box or go to your local newsstand to pick up your own copy of the issue very, very soon!!!!!



Birmingham Home & Garden Trendsetters & Tastemakers


We are so excited for Paige and Doug–and our Mountain Brook shop–to be featured in the Trendsetters & Tastemakers article in the January / February issue of Birmingham Home & Garden!  Some of our favorite local design bloggers–Brooke, Paula, Megan, Jennifer and Marianne are featured too.  Bham H&G just keeps getting better and we’re so glad to be a part of the magazine!

[images courtesy Birmingham Home & Garden, photo of Paige and Doug by Arik Sokol]

Snow Day

Hey, it’s Doug–writing to you from inside my warm house while I watch it snow outside.  It’s a rare occurrence here in Birmingham–maybe once a year–but last night an icy rain started following by big white flakes.  I ventured outside a while ago to take some photos of the neighborhood and thought I’d share…



My house, in the snow




The old stone steps down the street from my house look good covered in snow



This old 1920's apartment building is across the street from our shop in Mountain Brook. Isn't it handsome--especially with some snow on the roof?



Here's our Mountain Brook shop, Petticoat Lane is quiet today but hopefully we'll be back to work tomorrow!



{artist spotlight} Mallory Page

Hey, it’s Doug.  Yesterday in our Mountain Brook shop we held a trunk show featuring artist Mallory Page.  In both of our shops we are proud to carry work from regional artists who share our aesthetic.  We’ve just started carrying Mallory’s work since we opened our Mountain Brook shop earlier this year, but plan on adding her work to our Rosemary Beach shops soon as well.  Mallory’s pieces feature abstract forms and soothing colors.  We think her paintings are beautiful, and the wide range of sizes and prices that comprise her work make it a great fit for our shops (and we have eyes on some pieces for some of our design projects too!).

Here a few photos of the latest pieces we’ve added to our Mountain Brook shop.  You can contact us at (205) 414-6026 for pricing or dimensions for anything you see here, or email doug [at] traceryinteriors [dot] com


Don't our fun glazed pottery pieces look great with this painting?




Mallory's pieces have a great range of sizes...we love this little guys, some of which are painted with a BEAUTIFUL iridescent ink that shifts colors with the light.



Our mercury glass votives and accessories complement this piece beautifully

To learn more about Mallory Page’s artwork, visit her website [here]

styling an artificial Christmas tree

Hello friends–Doug here.

Everyone, let’s try to embrace the artificial tree for a moment.  As pretty and natural and good smelling as they are, real Christmas trees are also incredibly messy and in extreme cases, prone to bursting into flames.  For this very reason, the trees at our stores are artificial and this year we’ve styled a couple of artificial trees for clients as well.  One such case is at the Clubhouse at Silverock Cove on Smith Lake, near Crane Hill, Alabama (about an hour north of our Mountain Brook shop and studio).  The tree at Silverock needed to stay lit 24 hours a day in an unattended building and because no one wanted to constantly clean up needles and remember to water the tree during the off-season at the lake–we agreed with the management at Silverock that an artificial tree was probably the best way to go.

It was a bit of a challenge to make an artificial tree look good in a place filled with natural beauty and surrounded by real trees everywhere, but we thought we’d share a few tips that we use to make an artificial tree look almost as good as the real thing.

Ah, just like cutting down your own tree in the forest!


So the first step is to find a decent looking artificial tree.  The tree used at Silverock is a 7-1/2 foot artificial Douglas Fir — the tree has some variation in the coloring which we’ve found is a feature that helps from immediately shouting “I’m a fake tree!” like the solid green versions often do.  The tree was also pre-lit which saved a lot of time stringing lights–although the cords on pre-lit trees often need a little adjusting once the tree is unpacked.


Adding natural elements is an ideal way to spice up an artificial tree.  For the tree at Silverock, I went to our favorite local wholesaler in Birmingham–Davis Wholesale Florist–and picked up four bundles of dogwood branches.  The branches are bare and about 12″ long with small buds at the tips.  For the Silverock tree I went with natural colored branches although there were also bright red ones available (we actually used those in the Mountain Brook store mixed with magnolia leaves and they look AMAZING!).  I wired dogwood stems into groups of three and then placed them throughout the tree, twisting the wire around the branches.



Artificial trees are famous for having ‘holes’ in them that from the right angle can reveal the big metal pole running up the center of the tree.   By placing large-scale ornaments on the tree first, the biggest bare spots in the tree can be easily camouflaged.  Once I had the tree filled out with the dogwood and larger ornaments, I mixed in gold mercury glass ornaments from our Mountain Brook shop.  The ornaments were a mix of classic Christmas balls, gold acorns and gold pinecones.  Inexpensive copper-colored glass balls were added to give depth and to provide contrast to the gold mercury glass.


The end result looks like this…





So what kind of tree do you have at your house this year?  Real or artificial?

join us in Mountain Brook

We hope our Birmingham friends will join us tomorrow at our new Mountain Brook shop to celebrate the holidays.  We’ll have drinks, snacks, great gifts priced especially for the event and of course–lots of holiday cheer.  Our Open House coincides with the Independent Presbyterian Church Holiday House Tour, an event that gives a glimpse into some of Birmingham’s most beautiful homes–all decked out for the holidays.  This is the 61st year for the tour, which benefits the many missions and outreach programs of IPC.  We hope you’ll join us for our Open House and that you can check out the IPC Tour too–tickets for the Tour are available at Paige Albright Orientals–which is also located in our building.

Tracery Mountain Brook is located at 2814 Petticoat Lane, in Mountain Brook Village.  We’ll be open from 10am to 3pm on Saturday.