1929-ish Tudor Home Renovation Revisited

Hi all!  We are excited that the Tracery book is available!  So I have been going through projects that we have loved designing over the last 11 years in business.  This is one of my all time favs.  We had the house reshot for the book by Jean Allsopp and styled by Lynn Nesmith.  I wanted to share a few photos of the home today.  We worked on the project with the fabulous architects at Dungan Nequette Architects.  Enjoy a look around the living room, foyer, and dining room in this home…

TRes.04 TRes.01 TRes.06 TRes.09 TRes.10 TRes.11


Until next time…



One of our favs

So Doug is down at the beach for the weekend.  We went to dinner tonight.  We are now sitting around after dinner discussing where we found certain antiques and other pieces over the years.  Yes… this is what we sit around and talk about.  These are some of the pieces that have a story.  The find, the discovery, and the end result…. we love it all.




Photo by Colleen Duffley

a trip through Alabama…

Hi!  Paige here!  Last week I went on a little trip through Alabama with several stops along the way.  It started with jury duty which I was not selected for.  Then I headed up to my hometown in Alabama and stopped to see my parents along the way.  After I finished emails and a few other work items I met my mom at the local flea market.  I love a flea market.  My mom loves a flea market and I think that is where my love comes from.  Here are few items I bought.

This off white chest with the gold painted inlay good handles with a great patina caught my eye.

Love this vintage pendant!

Check out this alabaster lamp! Shad had to go but the lamp is great!

After the flea market I headed out the farm to meet my dad.  We sat on the back porch and talked life, business, vacations, etc.  My dad is a great business adviser and I am lucky to have him always on my side.  We saw a deer in the field below (known as the river field) had a cold beer…ahhhh… and just relaxed as the sun went down.  Anne was still at the office so we all caught up when she got home…

My dad, the farmer, always on the phone.

This lamp on the back porch is rumored to have been previously owned by Loni Anderson!

a shot of the kitchen through the french doors

the view from the side porch!

A view from the screen porch.

The next morning I headed to Auburn and then Lake Martin.  Doug wrote about those trips {here}.  Then from there I headed to Birmingham for a presentation.  I showed you part of our design presentation yesterday. The presentation went great!  Here is my traveling design presentation!

A basket and my Tracery bag ready to go!

Then after the presentation was the afternoon of the terrible tornadoes in Alabama.  Doug, my sister Maggie, and my mom watched intently from my sister’s interior hall and we were very lucky that the tornado missed her house.   We are all so sad about the devastation around Alabama.  There are so many wonderful groups doing so many great things to help out.  It is great to see people volunteer side by side in the midst of this horrible event.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy.

After that night I headed back home and made one last stop by an antique store along the way.

look at all of these awesome vintage ornaments. Makes me think of fun ways to decorate for Christmas! It is never to early to plan!

These are super fun! I have never run across anything like this!

After the trip I enjoyed a dinner at home with my family.  My daughter is home for the summer from her freshman year at college so that made arriving home even better!


Inspiration: Antique Doors

We LOVE antiques.  There are so many things to say about them…. unique, hand crafted, weathered, patina, hand forged hardware, pegs, I could go on and on….  So when our client showed us these beautiful antique doors we were excited to use them in the design of their home.  The master bedroom suite was an addition to the 1929 english tudor.  This was the perfect room for these beautiful doors.  One of our favorite things about the doors is the color and patina.  Isn’t it just gorgeous?  With that as our inspiration we had the room paneled and then had our custom finisher finish the woodwork.  The walls and ceiling above the paneling are venetian plaster.  We loved the French green of the doors because of this color being part of the doors and walls we furnished the room in several neutral tones.  We selected antiques, new pieces, and a designed a custom headboard to complete the room.  So take a look around….

Don’t you just want to take a nap in that bed?

Happy Monday!


all photos by Colleen Duffley

Shopping in New Orleans

Hi all!! I spent the last couple days in New Orleans. I love the city and we try to take a trip over to NOLA at least once a year. We went shopping on Magazine Street. A few stores I loved were Perch, Source, and Piranesi. There are so many great shops! I also had a chance to stop by the gallery of Mallory Page, an artist that is featured at both Tracery shop locations. And last but not least the food… Herbsaint, Mondo, Parasol’s, Port of Call…. Yum… It was so good. Here are a few pictures from the trip. Have a great weekend!