Our Five Favorite Things {Paige & Pinterest}

Saving the best for last we bring you our principal designer, Paige Schnell’s five favorite things. Hope everyone has enjoyed a peek at some of our most guilty pleasures in life and reminded you to enjoy your’s a little more!

{ Paige }

1. A stack of design magazines & a beach chair. Photo by Lynn Nesmith. 30AStyleBook.com

2. Sunsets at Bud & Alley's. Watching sunset is a tradition of many locals here on 30A & it's one I love.

3. I may have a slight problem. I love scarves. These are just a few I have. Some are new & some are vintage. I love adding these to simple pieces like a white shirt & jeans.

4. Barbara Cosgrove Lam Shades. For a small up charge the shades can be painted any color from Benjamin Moore. This image is from the 2012 Southern Living Idea House where we used them in orange.

4. {continued} In Mountain Brook, Alabama we used subtle grays & whites throughout the home. The custom muted gray lamp shades in the foyer were the perfect touch.

5. Our family dog Lucy. I love at the end of the day walking in the door to her wagging tail. She is always happy to see me. She loves to go on walks through Seagrove Beach & Seaside. We rescued her almost 4 years ago & now we couldnt imagine her not being around.

This year we ALL have one ‘favorite thing’ in common: Pinterest! Feel free to use the links below to keep an eye on Tracery Interiors as well as all of us on our most guilty of pleasures….
And if you havent fallen victim to the most amazing form of procrastination yet-please go {HERE} and join us!

Our Five Favorite Things {AK & Sarah Virginia}

Happy Hump Day-Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Enjoy the next installment of Tracery’s Five Favorite Things!

{AK-Rosemary Beach}

1. Sylish & comfortable. Wear them with jeans, skirt, or a dress.


2. Vitamin Water-my go to drink!


3. My dogs, Beaux & Murphy. They are both rescue pups & cant imagine life with out them.


4. Pure Barre-Great work out


5. This colorful, fun & playful fabric that adds a punch to any room.

{Sarah Virginia-Mountain Brook}

1. K Hall Tonic Candle. It's an amazing blend of lime & other citrus notes. We still have a few left in Mountain Brook!


2. Chez Fon Fon Hamburger. It's made of ground steak and is perfect accompanied with the pomme frites, a Padris Margarita, and a piece of the coconut cake.


3. Alexa Pulitzer Stationary. She's a New Orleans girl who's designs pair perfectly with my design, wedding & life motto: 'Always be elegant & always be fun!'


4. Waterworks Grove Brickworks. I fell in love with this at Kenny & Co. in Birmingham thanks to Michelle Cone. The Naval Deep Blue is my obsession.

 5. Steve Winwood’s ‘Higher Love’ I will literally listen to this song on repeat & will dance just as hard the tenth time as I did the first time. I listen to it as I get ready, when I’m driving, at work, and I totally request it at parties with zero shame. Dont we all have a song that we’re like ‘THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER’?!

Our Five Favorite Things {Hannon & Kristina}

We realized it’s been a few years since we shared a few of our favorite things [que The Sound of Music…] and lots has changed around here! Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we all share a few of our cant-live-without products, hobbies & past times.

{Hannon-Mountain Brook}

1. A Saturday of doing nothing but relaxing by a pool with a stack of design magazines.

2. The Lululemon Stride Jacket. It's the most comfortable piece of clothing I own & it makes exercising less miserable.

3. Hot Tamales. I can eat a whole box in one sitting & should probably cut that habit soon.

4. Stella by Stella McCartney. If I had a 'signature scent' this would be it!

5. Mac, ny nephew. He's the cutest kid on the planet & he is currently working on saying 'Hanny'.

{Kristina-Rosemary Beach}

1. J. Crew Suitcase.....I love me some yellow & a suitcase making this an unbeatable combination!

2. Kitchenaid Mixer. It's pink & it mixes cake for you. I'll take one in every color!

3. The 50/50 Project. Local artists designed the State's mottos with a fresh new perspective. Love Florida's!

4. Lifeproof Case-you can put your iPhone underwater & it won't get wet! I have tested this.


5. Bote Paddleboards. They are manufactured near by in Destin, FL by Auburn Grads!

[5 favorite things] Paige Schnell

To conclude our series of 5 favorite things Paige Schnell, designer and owner of Tracery Interiors shares her list:

1.  30A Songwriters Festival

2010 was the first year of the 30A Songwriters Festival.  Many of you have seen it appear on our blog before [here].  My husband Mark and I are two of the founders along with Jennifer Steele Saunders and Russell Carter.  The festival benefits the Cultural Arts Association of Walton County which not only brings arts to our little beach community but also gives grants to local teachers for art supplies.  One thing that we believe here at Tracery is supporting our community and the arts.  The festival included 9 venues and 82 shows over Martin Luther King Weekend.  Everyone had a blast!  The incredible songwriters, the beautiful venues we have on 30A, the enthusiastic attendees and the amazing volunteers made it a great weekend.   Over 100 songwriters participated in the festival and they were all incredible.  I can’t stop listening to the music I bought over the weekend.  If you come to Tracery you will hear some of it playing.  We have already begun planning the 2011 festival so mark your calendars January 14, 15, and 16, 2011.  If you attended the festival this year who were your favorite artists?

The pictures above are from the welcome party we had for the songwriters.  All photos by Sheila Goode of Goode Green Photography.  http://www.goodegreen.com  or http://goodegreen.com/blog/

2.  Coconut

I love coconut.  I always have.  It’s a love/hate thing–some people love it and some people hate it.  I for one love it.  I am not a desert person but I cannot pass up coconut.  One of my best friends Jennifer Green owns Queen Bee Cupcakes in Seaside, Florida.  If you haven’t visited her in the renovated airstream turned fun cupcake bakery on wheels you are missing out.  I love all of her cupcakes but my favorite is the coconut.  Not only does it have a coconut icing it also has coconut in the cake.  For me it is about as good of a cupcake as you can get.

3.   Déjà vu

What girl doesn’t love a cute dress or top?  Or even a great new pair of earrings.  Well, do I have the place for you.  Whenever I need something to wear to dinner with friends, for a photo shoot, or just to freshen up my wardrobe I head to Déjà vu.  Stephanie Nichols, the owner of Déjà vu is always cute and has on such inspiring clothes.  She has two locations including one of which is in Seaside, Florida which I stroll over to on my Sunday afternoon walks with my dog Lucy.  But if you don’t live here you are in luck, she has a website  www.shopwithdejavu.com where you will just fall in love.  Check out this photo of the Tracery crew where my dress and Bess’s top are both from Déjà vu.    


4.  Arteriors Reeves Glass Pendant

I love this pendant light because of its versatility.  I have used it several times and it always looks great!  It comes in two finishes antique brass and polished nickel and two sizes.  I love it so much it appears in my own living room 16 times!  We also used this fixture in the Southern Living Idea House we designed last year.  The look can be a little nautical or a little retro, it just depends on your environment. 

[the Reeves Glass Pendant Light in Paige’s living room, above and the 2009 Tarpon Run Southern Living Idea House]



5.  Sunsets at the Beach

(I know this sounds like an ad for singles looking for love but it is true! ) My favorite spot to celebrate sunset is at Bud and Alley’s in Seaside Florida with my husband, Mark where we watch the sun go down from the upper deck.  They ring the bell daily for sunset and most of the time people cheer.  It is a great way to end the day.  There are other locals that love it as much as we do and they are now our sunset friends.  If you find yourself in Seaside on an afternoon don’t miss the sunset and you might just see us there too. 

P.S.  Local Secret….sunsets are best in the winter because they are over the Gulf of Mexico.

[5 favorite things] Anna Kay Porch

Our series detailing 5 of our designers’ favorite things continues today with one of Tracery’s Rosemary Beach-based designer, Anna Kay Porch.   

1.  Original Painting by Allison Wickey

Allison Wickey is local to the 30A area and has a studio here in Rosemary Beach that we try to frequent as often as possible.  She has developed her own style of painting called ‘Venetian Plaster on Wood’ that she uses to create amazing works, many similar to this landscape that I am lucky enough to have in my home.  I love this painting because everyday it reminds me of what a beautiful area I live in & how lucky I am to call it home.  Her work is on display in several locations up and down the Gulf Coast.  Her ‘home base’ is located in the World Six Gallery here in Rosemary Beach, FL.  For more info please contact Allison Wickey at 850.420.8419 or at allison222(at)mac.com.

2.  Panne Chicken at The Red Bar

The Red Bar is the place on 30A that the locals frequent every Sunday for brunch and great music, lounging on old sofas and hanging out like they are at a friend’s house for hours at a time.  The tourists flock here in the summer & wait for what seems like an eternity to enjoy their limited, but magnificent menu.  I have to say that if I could only pick one item from their menu-it would hands down be the Panne Chicken.  Two massive, but thin chicken breasts that are lightly breaded, pan seared, oven baked and topped with a lemon caper butter served with a whopping helping of fresh, chunky mashed red potatoes & their famous house salad.  The Red Bar is located in Grayton Beach, FL & can be contacted by calling 850.231.1008.  Don’t forget, cash or check only!

3.  Comfy Cable Knit Blanket

This winter has been unusually cold here on 30A.  I’m talking chill you to the bone, wet, nasty cold. I am so glad I grabbed up one of the cable knit throws we have here in the shop.  It’s so soft and keeps me nice and toasty.  It’s kind of like being wrapped up in a giant sweater.  My throw is the perfect accessory for a warm night in enjoying American Idol.  They make great gifts so feel free to call the shop for any inquiries at 850.231.6755.

4.  Booties

New Year-New Look!  I purchased these gorgeous ankle boots for my New Year’s Eve outing and have fallen in love.  They are sleek and stylish and have a shorter, more realistic heel.  So whether I am dancing the night away or presenting a pretty color scheme to a client, these booties give me just the support and [shockingly] comfort I need.  They are on a steady rotation these days.

5.  Doggie Bike Trailer

If you have been in our shop in the last few years and met our ‘special greeter’, chances are you will recognize little Miss Murphy [above]. Murphy loves car rides, delivering furniture in the van, guarding the shop and you guessed it…bike rides!  I purchased this doggie bike trailer last year and we have both loved it ever since.  In the dead heat of the summer Murphy can still venture out for a quick ride to Seaside and not get over heated or injured. If you spend lots of time on the 30A Bike Path and have a smaller four-legged friend, then this trailer is a must have!

[5 favorite things] Bess Marshall

Want to know what makes your favorite designer ‘tick’?  What we can’t go one day with out?  Well, we have all taken the time to compile a list of our [5 favorite things], gadgets, foods, accessories…the small details that set us all apart and keep us all sane. We will start our new series with one of our Rosemary Beach based designers, Bess Marshall.

1. Google Reader     


As one of the two ‘official’ Tracery Bloggers I feel it is mucho, mucho importante for me to keep an eye on what is going on in the rest of the blogosphere. About 3 years ago I discovered the world of blogging  and had developed quite a list of blogs that I found myself going back to day in & day out. I was oblivious to the world of online feed readers, or as I tell my friends not in the blog world: its email for blogs, everything is in one place. Thank you Stacy Pritchett for helping me to see the light! My life has never been the same & it is purely shameful how many blogs I follow now. Image from here.     

2. Tazo Zen Green Tea     


I started drinking green tea daily back in 2004. I started out with Lipton, no offense, but yuck! Starbucks finally turned me on to the Tazo line of teas & I have come to cherish Zen as a part of my everyday existence. Zen boasts a “harmonious blend with lemongrass & spearmint.” I think it’s the perfect blend of flavorings-not too sweet, not too spicy & doesn’t leave that weird dry feeling in your mouth like so many green teas.  I also highly recommend Tazo’s Passion tea. I’m currently using it to try & curb my sweet tooth. Tazo teas can be found at any Starbucks or your local grocery store.     

3. Saijo Persimmon candles by Voluspa     


I have had a Saijo Persimmon candle somewhere in my home since I was just a wee little intern here at Tracery. It has a fresh, sweet scent that I can’t get enough of. Everyone is attracted to different scents. Vanilla & woodsy scents have never been my thing & if it’s too floral I get a headache, this scent is none of those. I love the Voluspa candle line [offered in the Tracery Shop] because you can simply leave one of these around the house sans lid, not even burning & people will ask what that scent is?     

4. TNT Roll at Old Florida Fish House


 The Fish House, as we locals say, is the best place on 30A to grab some sushi and enjoy tunes & dancing. I lived next door for two years and found any reason possible to go see James [sushi chef extraordinaire]: birthdays, girls’ nights, holidays, family/friends visiting, or simply because it was a Wednesday night & why not? I have tried sushi up & down this scenic highway & although I am no expert-this is the best, I promise!  The TNT is definitely the house favorite [& mine]…tuna inside & on top, crunchy tempura batter, avocado, eel sauce & spicy sauce plus lots of things I can’t recall at the moment. It’s amazing. I also recommend the Amazon [bring your appetite for that one], DAT & Spider. If you are feeling adventurous just go sit at the Sushi bar, tell James a few of your favorite things & ask for a surprise. He does not disappoint. Order the Up Town Beef too…so hungry now.

5. bareMinerals Refillable Buffing Brush

This was a life changing purchase for me this year. I love the way bareMinerals makeup looks on my skin-covers up flaws and doesn’t make me look cakey. ‘Cakey’ is an easily achievable look here on the Gulf Coast, especially during the summer months. If you have ever used bareMinerals makeup then I’m sure you will recall how messy it can be. Maybe I’m just too clumsy for a loose powder? Anyways-this refillable retractable brush is AMAZING & so easy. Makes my everyday routine speedier & ‘veil of powder on every surface in my bathroom’ free.

What 5 things could you not get through a day/week/year with out?