the 3/50 project


If you have been following our blog for a bit then surely you have noticed the ‘3/50 project’ badge to the left of the screen.  Hopefully this has enticed many of you to click-it and educate yourselves a little on supporting local business. These are the times that it is crucial to support mom & pop shops and restaurants in your area so that they are not succumbed to the doom & gloom of our present economy.

Grab your cup of coffee and settle in for a light lesson on how to ‘save the brick & mortars our nation is built on’…

“3-what three independently owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared? Stop in. Say hello. Pick up something that brings a smile. Your purchases are what keeps those businesses around.

50-if half the employed population spent $50 each month in locally owned independent business, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue.* Imagine the positive impact if 3/4 the employed population did that?!

68-for every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll & other expenditures. If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays here. 

1-the number of people it takes to start the trend….you.
Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.”
*all information from 3/50 project website.

We take much pride here at Tracery in our work as Interior Designers and all of the hard work that has gone into creating and maintaining Tracery the Design Firm. Many of you need to know that we also take much pride in Tracery the shop, the home base, the face, and most importantly: the Local Buisness. We have felt the need to support local businesses for years now. We love to take advantage of local resources for art, antiques, fabrication, etc. in all of our interior projects. We also LOVE to support local restaurants – who doesnt?! 

Tracery is extremely lucky to have two amazing areas to call home:
-SoWal: aka South Walton County and the communities along Scenic Highway 30A including our home Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest, Watersound, the up & coming Prominence area, Seagrove, Seaside, Watercolor, Grayton, Carillon, Gulfplace and Blue Mountain Beach.  Even if you are only familiar with a few of those areas then you understand how lucky we are!
-Birmingham:  Homewood, the Lakeview Design District where our Bham office is located, historic Mountain Brook, Crestline and English Villages -each unique and full of great shopping, dining and more!

We love the local businesses that we all support on a daily basis and have decided that it’s time to let you all in on a few of our favorite local spots in both areas. Stay tuned-many of Tracery’s Local Loves to come….