Atlanta Market

A couple weeks ago we took off to market in Atlanta. This market trip the entire group went. So the Mountain Brook and Rosemary Beach crew met up to shop and find fun new items for the shops and our projects. AK and I headed up early to visit ADAC.




Then the next day we headed to market. Here are a few shots of what we saw at market. I always mean to take a ton of pictures then I get distracted looking at fun new product, smelling the holiday candles, absorbing all the colors and everything that is market.

















Then getting close to the end of the day we just got silly. It took a couple times to get this right… And I didn’t realize some other market goer was in the middle of our group to begin with so she ended up in a couple shots!





Then the next day we headed to Scott’s Antique Market.








And of course we found time to enjoy some great dinners! We all voted that our favorite was Watershed.




As you can see we had a great trip to the ATL. Until next time…


A quick trip and a few new favs…

Hi all! Paige here. AK and I are driving back home to the beach from a quick overnight trip to Atlanta. We were working on the Southern Living 2012 Idea House and a few other projects.

We went to meet the group at Ballard today (they are a sponsor for the Southern Living Idea House). We got to see new products they are releasing this spring/summer and make selections for the house. It is going to be fun! We can’t wait to show y’all!

But first this morning we stopped by Historical Concept’s office this morning to review the plan updates with Claire and to go through all tile selections for the home.
Then on to ADAC to look at fabrics for a few beach projects that we have in the works. Here are a few of our favorites….












Then we headed over to the Idea House to take a look. It is really coming together. Here is quick snap shot from the house today


Whew… What a day…. We are in Alabama now… Headed home (don’t worry AK is driving).



navy & indigo

We use a lot of blues in our work since so many of our projects have been on or near the water and it is one of the most versatile of nature’s colors. For instance, the boys’ bedroom above from Paige & AK’s Lake Martin residence. The blues are a fun ‘pop’ of color and are dark enough that the room isn’t too juvenile to grow with these boys. I’ve come to realize I have moved out of my Green phase of life into my Blue phase. I may be a little obsessed…


I’m loving this Moroccan inspired graphic rug above designed by Jill Rosenwald. It’s available in 2’x3′, 5’x8′, 8’x11′ and a few other sizes. Of course it’s not available until late October. If you would like more information it will be available to order through Tracery {may need one for my home!}.

How fun is the scarf above?! I’m actually wearing it as I write this post with a full length navy jersey skirt that is so light weight and comfy I may need it in every single color I can get my hands on. Back to the scarf-it’s from Forever 21 so you know it’s a good price! I’ve also found the perfect carry-all leather bag {there could be a small person living in there it’s so big} for the fall in a subtle go-with-everything shade of blue. And to add to my summer obsession with blue…thanks Essie for my royal ‘Mesmerized’ toes!

Stay tuned for our next color feature tomorrow-have a great week!


rug geometry

A 1940's era Turkish Tulu rug, from Paige Albright Orientals in Mountain Brook, Alabama


Hey everyone, it’s Doug–

One of the best things about sharing our Mountain Brook shop space with Paige Albright Orientals (aside from having someone to talk to when Hannon or Megan isn’t working!) is getting to see all of the amazing rugs that are constantly coming through the door.  Paige (Albright, not our Paige Schnell…lots of Paiges to keep up with!) just returned from New York where she was scouting out rugs for several projects she’s helping various designers locate rugs for.  On Monday, I kept coming out of my office to see what she and her staff were unpacking because I loved just about everything that arrived in this shipment.  I noticed a trend in a lot of the pieces she had found–bold geometry.  I think that people often equate zig zags and bold stripes as very ‘in the moment’–and it certainly is a look that’s hot at the moment–but most of the rugs being unpacked today were antiques, some dating back to the 1920’s!

This is a new Turkish Kilim piece...I love the bold colored stripes set against the neutral background


Isn't this piece interesting? Lots of tiny boxes (about an 1" big in reality) stacked together in tones of blue, green, brown and warm gold. This piece is an antique Turkish Tulu.


Another antique Turkish Tulu...this one has been washed to create a warm and casual feel. The zig zag stripe motif is so popular right now, yet this rug dates from the 1940's


This beautiful Turkish Sivas is from the 1920's...while the geometry isn't as bold as some of the other pieces show here, the intricacy of the pattern is so beautiful! The black and white tones of the rug contrast so sharply against the camel-colored field. This rug is really stunning in person.


Purple stripes against a neutral base...this Moroccan Kilim is also an antique, but displays up-to-date colors that we observed all over the Atlanta Market last month. I really want to upholster something with this rug, it's so beautiful in person!


Speaking of stripes, check out this amazing Turkish Tent Kilim. It’s been recently assembled from striped pieces dating back to the 1960’s. Wouldn’t this rug be amazing in a lake or mountain cabin? The stitching is all done on the reverse, creating a really fun and unique appearance on the face of the rug.


There’s always something new and interesting at Paige Albright Orientals…if you want more information about sizes or pricing for anything featured here, contact PAO at (205) 877-3232 or email paigealbright [at] aol [dot] com
Which rug is your favorite out of these selections?  Isn’t it interesting to see how these ‘current’ patterns and motifs are actually rooted in a much earlier history?

fabric refresher

Hi all, Bess here! We have been all over the place lately and aren’t expecting to slow down anytime soon. Our heads are still spinning from all of the excitement in Atlanta last week and to top that off we came home to a visual feast for the eyes. Fabric Rep meetings are such an exciting way to get the wheels turning and get a little inspiration. Paige & I were ‘ooooohhhhhhh’-ing & ‘ahhhhhhhhh’-ing with each new layer. Enjoy a few snapshots of our favorites. Who knows-you just might see them featured here in future projects?!

[Grammont Linen Zebra print in Truffle from Travers. Printed in Italy on 100% Linen.] 

 [Windermere, an Ikat Embroidery on 100% Linen, also from Travers.]

[Orangerie-Rose, digitally printed on 100% cotton, from Designers Guild.] 

 [Above & Below: Two new colorways for Maharani, 100%cotton, from Designers Guild.]

My head is swirling with visions of pillows, headboards, drapes, side chairs and all types of custom goodies! If the sky was the limit-what would you do with some of our new favorite fabrics?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


We love the natural beauty and texture of driftwood.  Here’s a brief round up of some of our favorite driftwood-themed items and accessories.

Nantucket Driftwood Lamp, $439

The Nantucket Lamp (from Tracery) is a great example of how driftwood can be both rustic and chic at the same time.  Practically speaking though this lamp is cool because the height of the socket/shade is adjustable and the silver-lined putty paper shade casts a really nice indirect light.  Doug has the white version of this lamp (with a different shade) in his living room.



Kingston Driftwood and Glass Oval Coffee Table, $1298

Like the look of that lamp so much you want to make it a coffee table?  Here you go!  We love the way the glass floats over the sculptural driftwood base of this piece.  There’s a similar version (which is whitewashed) that we used at Silverock Cove last year (as seen on our website and in Birmingham Home & Garden).  The table pictured above, is also available from Tracery and comes in a side table too.


Driftwood Mirror, Crate and Barrel, $199


Isn’t this a cool take on a sunburst mirror?  And a great price.



Kazu Sculpture, $597


The real beauty of driftwood is its sculptural quality.  This piece captures that essence perfect…the wood floats above an iron base supported by steel pins.


What’s your favorite driftwood piece depicted here?  Or have you noticed this trend elsewhere?  If you’d like more information on any of the pieces depicted above that are from Tracery, just e-mail us at shop [at] traceryinteriors [dot] com

{love of the day} Chiang Mai Dragon Fabric

Happy Monday All!   We are all over the place today: driving back from Atlanta (Paige and AK), installing a clients’  Christmas decorations (Doug and Hannon), purchasing wreaths and garland for the store (and my home)..(Paige and AK), working at the shops and helping our customers find the perfect gift for the holidays  (Heather and Megan) and returning from a fun weekend out of town (Bess)…so today we will just show you a fabric we love. Chai Mai Dragon from F. Schumacher. We have used this fabric for pillows and to reupholster a chair!  We love all the colors in the fabric and the fun pattern. It comes in several fun colorways.

Have a great Monday!