{2012 Southern Living Idea House} through our eyes, bedroom 3

Hi Everyone, Bess here to give you a few glimpse of the Southern Living Idea House that you won’t see in the magazine. We spent so much time putting together every little detail that we want to make sure you get to enjoy them as well. To start I’ll share a bedroom that only made it into the resource guide, not the magazine itself, Bedroom 3. This bedroom is located off of the back of the house above the garage. It has its own bathroom as well.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

2012 Southern Living Idea House: Plumbing Sneak Peek

HiRise Faucet from Kohler

Enjoy the next piece to our puzzle-plumbing! It was so nice to get to work with Kohler who’s plumbing we have used in the majority of our projects here at Tracery. They were a great sponsor & had the perfect pieces to compliment the look & feel of this farmhouse renovation. The plumbing in the 2012 Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Ga. is classic and timeless. Each of these pieces will stand the test of time just as this c. 1830’s home has. ┬áLet’s hear from you-what would you like a glimpse of next?

Vault Sink from Kohler

Antique Rite-Temp Shower Trim from Kohler with Ceramic Dial Plate

Bancroft Comfort Height Toilet from Kohler


Vox Square Vessel from Kohler


Antique Towel Ring from Kohler

Bancroft Pedestal Lavatory from Kohler

Lots of things….

Hi all! We have installs happening, projects starting, and other fun things up our sleeve… So here is our post about lots of things that have been going on lately. Not a sophisticated blog post title but truthful…. Here are lots of things….

We designed the green room at the CMT Awards… We posted about this earlier….


Bess steaming… her most favorite job…


We watched the awards…


We love Frank from Southern Living’s birthday…so we bought him cupcakes


We stopped by my family farm on the way home and picked up lots of corn!!


Then our green room was on CMT!


Then we cooked corn.


Then my dad and I took a road trip to be there when my new niece and his new granddaughter was born. We had fun. We talked about life. It was a good day.


We ate veggies and drank wine my night at the farm.


Kristina and Lauren unpacked lots of boxes. (with smiles and having fun which is always required with bits of styrofoam flying around!)


Our dog looked sad when Mark and I got away for a night to Apalachicola.






We love Apalachicola….


And we are anticipating the August issue of Southern Living. We can’t wait to see the idea house in print! Here is a glimpse at the coffee table at The 2012 Southern Living Idea House. It is open for tours now through Dec 23rd. Check the website for details.

Well thats it for now. Have a good week!


Southern Living Idea House Grand Opening

Hi all! Doug, Bess, and I (along with the team from Southern Living) are currently at the CMT Music Awards setting up the green room backstage(more on that later)…. And we are taking a break and watching Rascall Flatts and Journey sound check… So I thought we could fill you in on the Southern Living Idea House Grand Opening Party from Last week. First info on the house. The house is finished and open for tours every weds- sat from 11-5pm and Sunday 1-5pm through Dec 23rd. So go visit! The house will be in the August issue of the magazine. With all the details out of the way here are a few photos of the party… We will have to show you the house later.

The Tracery Team (I love all my peeps they are awesome)

Our new fabrics made into pillows for the sofa. I think I need 2 of the striped fluting pillows for my house.

Doug and I were filmed for Marvin Windows




This is Tom. He built the house. We love Tom.









And this is Scott’s flipflop tan…
And a great time was had by all!


Southern Living Idea House Day 1

Hi all! We are here… In Senoia installing the 2012 Southern Living Idea House… Here is day 1.



Lots of pillows! We are staging them in the kitchen as we furnish the house.


Frank taking a photo of the master bedroom.


We are loving this plaid chair!



Frank and AK making the bed I. The master.




And our group dinner!

We will update you more over the next few days…. Headed to bed…But wanted to keep everyone updated.

Antique Mirror Backsplash

Hi! Paige here! In 2009 we designed the Southern Living Idea House in Cinnamon Shore, Texas. It was a really fun project and wow I can’t believe it has been 3 years this week since AK and I were out in Texas for the install. In the kitchen we designed an antique mirror backsplash instead of using a tile backsplash–which is what we’d normally have done. We thought the antique mirror would be a fun design element and a great reflective and cleanable surface. Over time we have received lots questions about the backsplash, so here are a few a couple photos and a few answers:

What we did:

1. We measured the overall space for the mirror.

2. We divided the overall dimension to create smaller 11″ x 14″ish rectangles. Then ordered the mirror from a mirror supplier.

3. We had our professional finisher antique the mirror. Once that was complete, we had an installer glue the mirrored tiles to the wall.

Ta da!

Now since this install a few manufactuers have released antiqued mirror tile. We like this one.

Ann Sacks Tile

Have a great Wednesday! I am headed to the Kentucky Derby tomorrow. I will post about all the fab hats and dresses we see!


[photos by Laurey W. Glenn for Southern Living]