Favorite Things Friday

Hey everyone! Sorry we haven’t had many posts lately. Life at Tracery has been busy; we have some great things in store for you! Keep posted on news from us in the next few weeks… In the meantime, here are some of our favorites this week!

photo 2Our garden stools have been very popular. Can be used for seating! We have more colors and styles available in the shop!
Prices vary on style from $300-400


Our Louis the 15th Chair is paired with some fun Thomas Paul lumbar pillows. I love this chair and I am obsessed with all our Thomas Paul pillows!!
Louis the 15th – $2940
Pillows – $120


Of course we can’t forget our Voluspa candles. We are always getting in new scents! It’s still hard to choose a favorite!

Come in to see us and keep posted for some great news soon!
☼ Michaela

Private Getaways

At Tracery we love to create relaxing spaces where you can sit back and enjoy the great outdoors. No matter where your home is located, we think it’s important to enjoy the comfort of your home outdoors. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor spaces, let us help you create your own!






Hope you all had a great Memorial day!



allium (AKA, keeping it real on a Tuesday night)

Hey, it’s Doug.  Tonight’s an exciting night at my house…writing some contracts and drawing some elevations.  I work in my kitchen a lot when I am trying to get stuff done at home…those of you who’ve been following the blog for a while know that my house is exceptionally small, so the big stainless steel table in my kitchen is really the only place big enough to spread out with my laptop anyway.

So, I’m sitting here looking at these allium peeking over the edge of my laptop…leftovers from a photoshoot from last week (you’ll see those pics soon, promise!).  I don’t know if y’all are familiar with these flowers, but I love them.  Grown from bulbs, they’re actually a member of the same plant family as onions, scallions, and garlic.  I love how fun the round purple clusters of flowers are.  I think I was first introduced to these flowers through photos of Martha Stewart’s garden in Westport.

Martha Stewart's allium border...I just buy mine at the wholesale florist, but this image is inspiring me to plant some bulbs for next spring!

Allium were the perfect addition to the lakeside home we had photographed last week.  And they’re casual enough to work well on my kitchen table too.  I found the fun “measured” pitcher I have them arranged in at Star Provisions in Atlanta recently (but I noticed the same item at At Home in Homewood recently, Bham friends…).  The numerous bottles of Pellegrino on my table are also leftover photoshoot props…no sparkling water being consumed at my house, just SmartWater.  Well okay, and that glass of Malbec just inside the frame of the photo 🙂
Hope y’all are having a great Tuesday night!
[Martha photos from here]

Autumn in Central Illinois

Hey, it’s Doug.  I took a little vacation back to my parents’ farm last week to enjoy a few days off before things get really crazy back here in Birmingham with our new shop opening.  Though it’s just starting to look like fall (and hopefully the temperature will catch up soon and things will cool off!) in Alabama, back in Central Illinois where I grew up, fall has definitely arrived.

No matter what time of year, there’s a simple beauty to Illinois.   If you aren’t from the Midwest, or haven’t been there before, the first thing that strikes you is how FLAT it is. In the summer, especially out in the country, everything seems to be a shade of green.  My parents’ house is surrounded by acres and acres of fields.  In the fall, when the corn and soy bean crops dry and are harvested the fields all turn golden brown.  Eventually the trees and grasses catch up and turn warm autumnal colors as well.  One of my favorite things about Illinois is how incredibly BLUE the sky is — these pictures aren’t photoshopped, it really is that beautiful and because everything is so flat the sky feels really BIG above you too.  Standing out in the middle of an open field with that huge blue sky above you is a very peaceful feeling.

I spent one afternoon while I was in Illinois driving around taking some photos, exploring some obscure country roads I’d not traveled down in a long time!



My parents' Shih Tzu, Marshall, was my assistant during my photography excursion. You can see him co-piloting my car here.




Just down the road from my parents’ house is a perfect little country church — it’s the one and only surviving building from the never realized village of Elwood (there used to be a small school across the road but it was torn down when I was little) — a small Quaker gathering has met in this building every Sunday since 1895 when it was built.


About a mile away, there’s a country school house that has survived.  Though it’s not in the best of shape these days, I think the Yankee Branch School is still pretty perfect.  I wish it was on my family’s land–I’d love to fix it up!



The house I grew up in was originally a 4 room 1929 farmhouse that’s grown over time, room by room.  The earliest portion of the house is a Sears & Roebuck kit home–which means the entire house was ordered from the Sears catalog and it arrived in a huge pile of numbered boards with an instruction manual!  There are still part numbers stamped on the rafters up in the attic!


Autumn frost has just started nipping at the perennial beds around my parents' house



I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of Central Illinois.  Is it feeling/looking like fall in your part of the world yet?

garden party

from left, Paige, Megan from A Life's Design, Marianne from Haven & Home, Brooke from Blueprint Bliss, Paula from Two Ellie, Jennifer from The Newlywed Diaries, and Doug


You may have heard by now, particularly if you read this post, this post, this post, or this post that we hosted a little party in Birmingham last week.  We invited five Birmingham-area based design bloggers, and a few other friends, over to my house for a Garden Party.  The folks from Birmingham Home & Garden were there photographing the event and it will be featured in an upcoming issue.  As a result we can’t spoil the surprise of seeing everything we did to transform my “yard” into a “garden” for the evening, but we will share a few behind the scenes peeks at things.


All the makings of a great party...in our cart at Whole Foods...


In addition to heading up things at Tracery, Paige is also a great cook! Here's a few of the things she prepared for the Garden Party.


It’s just beginning to feel like fall here in Birmingham, so summer flowers like white hydrangea or roses just didn’t feel right for this event.  Paige and I visited Davis Wholesale and selected a variety of aubergine flowers which we placed both inside the house and on tables set around the garden.


Aubergine toned Scabiosa in a vintage green ceramic vase are joined by white pumpkins from Mountain Brook's Western Supermarket--an autumn must have in Birmingham--accenting the corner of the stainless steel work table in Doug's kitchen


Dark aubergine Calla Lillies in a simple bud vase contrast with green moss in an vintage champagne bucket on the dresser in Doug's bedroom


Paige and I had a great time catching up with old friends and getting to meet new ones during the Garden Party.  It was so fun to get to announce our new Mountain Brook store (which is literally a block away from my house!) at the party.  We will be sure to keep you posted on when the Birmingham Home & Garden feature will be out in print.  The day before the party we also received the very exciting news that my house will be soon be photographed for a feature in a national magazine.  We’ll tell you more about that soon too.


– Doug


Hey Tracery Blog readers, it’s Doug–

Hydrangeas are one of our favorite flowers…they are simple, natural and unfussy–exemplifying many of the characteristics we admire in anything we find to be beautiful.  Right now here in Birmingham, they are everywhere!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so pretty as they are this summer.  The hedgerow that separates my house from the ones on the street behind me is accented every few yards with huge old bright blue hydrangeas that were planted long before I lived here.

Just outside my back door there’s a big oak leaf hydrangea that’s bursting with white cone-shaped blossoms.

Of course I couldn’t resist clipping some branches and bringing them inside to enjoy.

We’ve used hydrangeas many times for photoshoots in our clients’ homes too, often cut right from the yard!  Here are a few more photos of hydrangeas from our portfolio:

[in the garden] diy Fresh Home planter box

As we mentioned [HERE]…we really love the newest magazine to hit the shelves these days, Fresh Home Magazine. It’s Domino married with Martha Stewart Living and full of amazing recipes, decor ideas & enough do-it-yourself projects to last a lifetime. Bess recently spent one sunny afternoon tackling  the above planter box for her rooftop garden. Her plan is to have four, two at each end of the roof overflowing with potted herbs or flowers.  

[What you need] 1″x4″ pine boards, corrugated metal roofing, sandpaper/electric sander, stain [below], stainless steel screws, an electric drill, a small power saw, drop cloth, rags & protective glasses. Bess used Behr Premium Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Finish in No. 500 Natural.

 The process… 

Ta da!

 A huge thanks goes out to Bess’ Dad, Rick, for doing the majority of the work so she could document. What big outdoor project are you getting ready to tackle? Or what big project do you wish you could tackle?

Click [MORE] for full instructions!

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