On the Gulf…. Texas Style

We love to design homes all over the country. One of the homes we have designed in Cinnamon Shore, Texas will be featured in our upcoming book. Our book Tracery will be available April 7th! (you can preorder signed copies 850-231-6755 and get 20% off if you order before March 31st). Now back to the house. This home was designed for a texas family that wanted a retreat on the gulf in Cinnamon Shore. Here are a few photos of their living room and kitchen. It is a large gathering place for the entire family and friends. The colors of aqua and coral really pop (not a word I like to use but it really works here) against the neutral background. The colors adds a playfulness to the room that just makes you want to sit down and hang out with a cocktail and your best friend or curl up with good book. All activities are welcome here. Casual and fun. What else do you want in a beach house? A great view? This home has that too….

Photography by Jean Allsopp
Styling by Lynn Nesmith
Architecture by Mark Schnell

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