Private Getaways

At Tracery we love to create relaxing spaces where you can sit back and enjoy the great outdoors. No matter where your home is located, we think it’s important to enjoy the comfort of your home outdoors. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor spaces, let us help you create your own!






Hope you all had a great Memorial day!





As I sit on the beach I was thinking…. We have recently added two new people to our Tracery family. This reminded me how much I appreciate all the people who work with me everyday. So I thought I would make introductions today and say a little something about the other Tracery girls that are behind all things Tracery.

First our newbies….Beth just moved here from Atlanta(she and her husband Jon are currently somewhere between here and Atlanta in a Uhaul) and is joining us in the design studio as a designer. Beth has a ton of experience in kitchen and bath designs that you will be able to see in upcoming tracery projects. Beth is new but not new at the same time… She was also at our pop up shop in Atlanta last fall. Michaela is our summer intern. She is going to help us with our blog and website and she will be working at the shop. We are very happy to have her this summer work with us. You will see Michaela post on the blog soon. So get ready for some fun summer posts! They are both joining the following Tracery peeps who have been around for a while.

Heather who is celebrating 9 years with us in a couple weeks is our keeper of the books, orders, tracking items etc… Pretty much our glue. We love Heather… We couldn’t design our projects without her.

AK who is a great designer and just a girl who knows how to get things done! AK has been at Tracery for 9 years later this year. AK is my right hand and is intimately involved on all Tracery projects. She has been with us since she was a college intern and I couldn’t be prouder of the designer she has become.

Leslie our shop manager who is always so great and can really help you find exactly what you are looking for in our shop (by the way we ship so give leslie a call if you are looking for a certain piece and she will be happy to help you out). Leslie puts together all the looks that you see in our shop and love.

Jenny our leader of randomness and safety patrol and everything else that needs to get done. You will always see Jenny out and about around town, checking on projects, and sometimes she is the friendly face in the shop.

My Mom, Pam, a retired school teacher and an all around great person (if I do say so myself) works in the shop periodically and always has a smile on her face. Also, she is the self proclaimed picker of all the vintage items you see in Tracery.

My daughter Mallory is in college and works in the shop in between school and her 2 other businesses of professional photography and state of sunshine hoops (she makes custom hula hoops). Thanks Mal for always being willing to help out.

I hope you all have a great summer! If you are down in our neck of the woods stop by Tracery and just look around and say hi to the Tracery girls.

Happy Memorial Day!