Revisit: 2012 Southern Living Idea House

Hi all! We are working on our website so I have been going through lots of photos of past projects. I found some photos that we had not shared with all of you and we wanted to share. We had so much fun designing this home. The team was so much fun and was so talented which made the project that much better. I will have a few more posts like this as I find more photos to share with all of you.

This beautiful painting is by artist Mallory Page. The painting  paired with an antique chest and a collection of white serving pieces we found at antique shops and flea markets were just the perfect addition to the master bedroom.


This little detail appeared in the main stair hall.  I loved this trophy collection so much it now resides in my own living room.  The dear painting by a local 30A artist Justin Gaffrey was the perfect touch above the antique white chest we found at Scott’s Antique Market.


One of the other small items I kept after the house was complete.  This funny little dog.  Someone along the way broke his leg and glued it back on.  He added the perfect bit of southern character to the coffee table.  He now lives on my desk at the Tracery studio.

All photos by Laurie Glenn of Southern Living.

Everyone have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Revisit: 2012 Southern Living Idea House

  1. So excited to see pictures of last year’s idea house. It was without a doubt my favorite one SL has ever done. You and your team are amazing. I refer back to my idea house magazine whenever I need to be inspired. I could have brought my flip flops and moved right in! Thanks for the new pictures – keep ’em coming!


  2. Barbara Moore, I did bring my flip flops, and my husband and youngest daughter! We are the proud residents and owners of the 2012 Idea House and have enjoyed making the house ‘ours’. Paige, if you’re ever in the area, we’d love to show you what we’ve done with the place and get your suggestions on what more we could do. You set a high bar and it’s been a real challenge to honor the old south, new south theme. It’s a work in progress, but one that we are very proud to be doing. The house plan itself has been a big seller for Southern Living and we’ve shown the house to several families who are building their own “Idea House”.



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