Nashville Project update.

Hi all! I went to Nashville for a quick site visit and wanted to give y’all an update in the project. We are going to install in a few weeks! We are so excited. (If you follow me in Instagram you will see a few repeat photos) this house is really fun and has a few fun colors in wallpaper but the basic wall colors are white, grey, and black. over the next 2 weeks the final details will come together then we will add the furnishings, art, accessories, etc! This is the fun part! It has been an awesome project and it is a great house that has great clients, architect, landscape architect and last but not least a great contractor…. What more can you ask for?? In this business not much. Anyway back to the photos. Here is our progress. The last 2 photos are of the dining room. You can see the same chandelier appear in each photo. The wallpaper is now going up and it is so much fun!













More photos coming soon!



13 thoughts on “Nashville Project update.

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  2. Dying to find out the color used for that blue vanity! I am remodeling my bathroom very similar and my cabinet maker can do a custom color if I provide the information.
    Love everything in this post, your work is fabulous!


  3. I’d love to know the colour of the vanity as well. Has anyone heard back yet? I’m doing my kids bathroom in a very similar design and want a navy but nothing too dark.


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