Seaside Yard Sale February 9th!

Hi all! We will be at the Seaside Yardsale on Saturday February 9th. What is the Seaside yardsale? Maybe this photo explains it!


What will we have there? Lots of items from the 2012 Southern Living Idea House and other items from our shops. We will have mostly the small items from the house. The upholstery from CR Laine and the Barbara Cosgrove Lamps will be available soon(all of the Ballard items were sold at their outlet in Atlanta). On the blog we will have photos and pricing for the larger items from the 2012 Southern Living Idea House that are available through Tracery. Many items were returned to vendors or sold with the home. The items we have available will be priced and available at our warehouse for pick up in Santa Rosa Beach (they will not be available in the store or by phone so keep checking the blog for updates). We have so many fun finds….. Come see us on Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Seaside Yard Sale February 9th!

  1. What is the closest large city? Is it in Seaside, CA?
    I JUST found you on my mobile phone, so I apologize for the questoions!


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