On the 11th Day of Christmas

Only two more days of our Fabulous Gift Giveaways!! It’s been so fun reading all of your comments. Ya’ll have done a great job at reminding me why this is my favorite time of year.

Today we are giving away a set of notecards and Peacock journal by, our favorite, Dwell Studio. These are perfect for lists, notes….maybe a personal note to say thank you for that awesome Christmas present this year???

To win this set from Dwell Studio, tell us… Since it’s the season of giving, what’s the most memorable good deed you’ve done either during the holidays or during anytime of the year? I love to hear about random acts of kindness!


11 thoughts on “On the 11th Day of Christmas

  1. Every year I buy out the bin of stocking caps at our Target & deliver them to the “PBJ” ministry to distribute to the homeless in Detroit – a little warmth for Michigan winters…


  2. A few years ago my husband and I went shopping for his Angel Tree at work. He handed me my own shopping cart and took one for himself and told me he would shop for the boys and I would for the girls. After about ten minutes, I had selected a total of three Barbies. He turned the corner of the isle and I saw his shopping cart was FILLED TO THE TOP with toys! He looked at my pitiful selection and said, “No, you are doing it all wrong! You just need to fill the cart with every toy you would have wanted as a child!” How lucky I am to be married to someone with a huge generous heart who loves giving and helping others.


  3. Several years ago my 7th grade son was with a camp group in Colorado snow skiing for his 1st time during Christmas holidays. My husband & I were not there. On the 2nd or 3rd day ski day, he skied into a ski sign & was hurt very badly (was not wearing a helmet) & had to be airlifted to a Denver hospital. He had a subderal hematoma & a bruised lung & was placed in ICU, then CCU. Upon learning this news, my husband immediately flew out to be with him & I stayed behind to care for our 2 younger daughters (thinking he would only be in the hospital a few days). The surgeon called us & said the bleed in his brain closed within 24 hrs & he should be released in a few days. It was a blessing that the bleed closed but he was still in alot of pain and ended up staying in the CCU for over a week. My husband & son were still in Denver at the hospital on Xmas Eve & Day & knew no one in that city. They were lonely & sad that they were missing Xmas in Bham & my daughters & I were sad they were not here with us. To my “boys” surprise, a woman & her son these kind & thoughtful strangers reaching out to them! The following year, our family spearheaded a gift giving campaign to seek out others who might be forgotten in hospitals, nursing homes or underserved communities. We put a note in our Xmas cards asking for wrapped gifts or $ to be delivered to our home & left a basket on our front porch. The community overwhelmingly responded with hundreds of gifts and $ to purchase what we lacked! We delivered our gifts and made personal visits (with many friends in tow who also wanted to participate) to several hospital patients & nursing home residents who no family in town. We also partnered with Mission Bham & hosted a Xmas Party to kids that were left out. What a joy! This was our way to “pay it forward” to the “angels unaware” that visited my lonely husband & son that cold Xmas in Denver. The next year, friends asked if we were coordinating the project again. We had not planned to but did since there was so much interest & continued the tradition until my son went to college! The project evolved not only with visits to hospital patients & nursing home residents but also having my son’s MBHS basketball team involved by hosting a party for needy children in underserved Bham areas. They even played basketball with them & one year all the kids came to MBHS and played a game with the team at halftime! We estimate that we have delivered 1000’s of gifts to those who otherwise might have been forgotten at Xmas. All this was due to a stranger who was kind to my family one cold Xmas Day! What a priviledge this project has been to my family and “our elves” who made it all possible! We all learned that it is much more of a blessing to give than receive! So, watch out for angels unaware because they are all around if you just take the time to be sensitive to them!


  4. Oops! My computer dropped an important line: A woman and her son appeared in my son’s hospital room bearing Xmas gifts to my son & husband! We never knew their names to later thank them but felt like they were angels unaware! They were so kind & thoughtful to reach out to these strangers in town!


  5. Random acts of kindness are the very best way to pay it forward and show love…I am giving a turkey and trimmings for a needy family this year.Also warm scarves.

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena


  6. My dear friend was sent to Budapest on a work trip this season for 17 days and was worried she wouldn’t have the time to decorate her home. So I coordinated with her husband to pull down all the boxes out of the attic and I decorated for her. She was SO surprised upon her return and is now able to relax and enjoy Christmas.


  7. I have always loved buying gifts for the angel tree!! It was so fun as a little girl to pick out gifts for kids that needed toys. It’s a fun tradition I hope to pass along to my kids. So important to teach them at a young age.


  8. My daughter was in the hospital and got out on dec 23, we went from there, directly to Walmart and bought a bunch of Christmas toys to give to a needy family we had adopted. There was just so much to be thankful for that Christmas. It was great to be able to give to a family that was struggling.


  9. I love all the stories of “big” random acts of kindness and I definitely need to work on doing and giving back more but I honestly think it is the small things we all hopefully do every day, like letting the person with just a few items go ahead of you in line or holding a door for a mom with a baby, or my favorite yet….shaking a soldier’s hand and telling them you appreciate them. We live in tough times right now and we all need to be kinder to each other everyday.


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