12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, Day # 9

WOW! Ya’ll have some GREAT resolutions for 2013! It’s going to be hard to pick just one..but the winner will be announced soon!

On our 9th day of our 12 Days of Giveaways, a lucky blog reader will win 3 yards of our custom Tracery fabric! That’s almost $150 worth of fabric! Just tell us about your favorite holiday decor! Anything unique??


40 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, Day # 9

  1. My favorite holiday decor would have to be the snowflakes that my children made to hang from the windows and ceiling around the house. It really looks like a winter wonderland.

  2. The smell of a pretty fresh wreath every time I walk in the front door and our old, broken advent calendar, I love how excited my kids are to open it everyday.

  3. Every year I fill an old french dough board with something different, this year Christmas balls and boxwood. It is such a great piece it looks great with anything in it.

  4. We have a 95 piece nativity scene that my husband’s grandfather (Grandpa) gave us. He received it from someone as payment for repairing their garage door because they did not have the money. It takes us hours to set up but it is so beautiful and unique. Grandpa passed away in August so it was extra special to us this year.

  5. My Grandmother bought me a decorative angel every year before she passed. Each year I put them out throughout my home while thinking of my sweet Gaga.

  6. This year I got out the glue gun, wreath forms and burlap ribbon and made use of the magnolia tree in our backyard. It was not easy, but every time I pull in the driveway and see the three wreaths I made myself, I smile!

  7. Our 15th wedding anniversary is today, so with our wedding so close to Christmas, we handed out jingle bells to our guests as favors. We managed to sneak two of those jingle bells and we place them on our tree every year. It brings back sweet memories of our day!

  8. My MIL sent a needlepoint Christmas Stocking to each of our children on their first Christmas. Unpacking the stockings each year brings a flood of happy memories of the children at every stage of their lives, and of Grandma, who loved her grandchildren and Christmas so much.

  9. On a trip to see the 2010 Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany, I visited a woodworking shop recommended to me by a girlfriend. The region makes the most beautiful nativity sets you have ever seen. My friend and her mom visited this woodworker in 2000, and began collecting pieces ever since. I purchased the cresh, the Holy Family, and my MIL bought me an angel. All pieces are hand carved and painted in amazing detail. Each year I am adding to my set. Absolutely one of my most treasured things I own.

  10. My grandparents made every ornament on our tree almost 50 years ago. I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Photos have been published a few times & they were the hit of our house on a symphony home tour, too :)

  11. That would definitely have to be my Great-Grandmother’s (who I was named after) manger scene with a foil wrapped star my Grandmother made in Kindergarten on top. It’s very special to me. :)

  12. Wow I can’t even think what my resolutions for 2013 will be let alone 2014, but my favourite decoration has to be the wreaths I put out this year on our new house windows. All the old decorations in new places still bring back memories of the last house

  13. Adorning our living room is our tree. Not just any tree though. We have the 7 1/2 ft aluminum tree from years ago! Decorated entirely in shades of teal and silver ornaments. No color wheel. The tree is sparkling by the spot lights placed at the bottom of the tree and aimed upward!

  14. The plaster of paris hand print ornaments that we we made when when my children were little mean the world to me. Their simple white appearance sets the stage for our beach cottage christmas, even though we are inland.

  15. A Santa ornament that I’ve had since childhood…he goes front and center on the tree each year. My three kids always point him out to their friends as my favorite ornament!

  16. My favorite are glittery ornaments strung from long ribbons. I use magnets to hang them from the exposed pipes in my loft apartment.

  17. My favorite is pulling out the crafts my grandmother made. She passed away a few years ago at 98, knitting and tatting until age 97. I never appreciated those crafty gifts enough when I was younger but I do treasure them now. A lost art from an amazing woman.

  18. Even though we live at the beach I am a sucker for Christmas lights. We wrap our 20 ft tall palm trees in lights and love the sight every time we drive home in the evening.

  19. Any ornaments my children have made, especially the ones with their pictures incorporated into them. I always get so nostalgic looking at them.

  20. This would look gorgeous in my home office. Absolutely to die for!

    My favorite Christmas decor are my silver mercury ball ornaments. Something about the shiny mercury ball just makes the greenery pops in the tree.

  21. My favorite christmas piece… and I have alot, having 10 trees in my home… Is a piece I received on my wedding day… I was married in Sept, but a family friend gave us a beautiful Lenox santa lighting a lamp… He wrote in his card that Christmas always holds such a special family place in his heart… So he wanted us to have a special piece to start our family and traditions with.
    I look forward to unwrapping that santa every year.

  22. Without a doubt my favorite Christmas decor in our home is our five foot tall shell tree that I hand made from shells my husband and I picked up. It took me almost two years to complete! Love it.

  23. I made real garlands from greenery in our yard adorned with magnolia leaves and very large pine ones-this was my first year making them and I am so pleased how they turned out! I think this will be a new christmas tradition!!

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