Christmas Giveaway, Day 3….And a recap!

Hi, It’s Leslie back with day # 3

I have to say…So far, reading your comments on the daily giveaway posts have been EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING!!!!

Day 1 was very heart warming to read. It was interesting to see what everyone found to be most beautiful during the winter season………And on that note, CONGRATULATIONS TO LAUREN, our first winner!

Submitted on 2012/12/12 at 12:42 pm:

Hands down — The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The Christmas decorations are JUST BEYOND!! 100 decorated Christmas trees, 65 fireplaces big enough to stand in….Heaven!!! Everyone needs to experience it over the holidays!!
I think many would agree with Lauren on this.  The Biltmore Estate has to be breathtaking during the winter holidays. I, personally, have not been but it’s definitely up there on the BUCKET LIST!!

Then there was day 2. Some of these comments had me laughing out loud. SOOO FUNNY!  And it was good to read through them to refresh my memory on so many great holiday films; both comedies and classics! Thanks to all of you who have followed and left your comments. It has been quite the entertainment of the day!

So for day # 3, we’ve decided to give some “Hugs & Kisses” away to one of you lucky readers. No, not really. But how about these oh, so loved- typewriter alphabet letters. These can be yours to hang on the wall somewhere in your home and display your affection, all day everyday! Just tell us…What was the most memorable holiday gift you’ve ever received from a loved one???

“On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me ______________”






17 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway, Day 3….And a recap!

  1. A pair of white cowboy boots with silver butterflies on them!! My oh so sweet husband had commented on my purchases of black and brown cowboy boots one year. My witty comeback to him, “Well they had them in white too!” Little did I know he would seek them out and wrap them up for me for Christmas!! They’ve definitely come in handy for costume parties!! He thought he was doing a great thing–poor guy!!


  2. An antique painting that I fell in love with in an antique store. It was of a little girl and horse and I was expecting my first little girl. My husband surprised me with a treasure map and I had to find the painting. Merry Christmas!


  3. My husband (then boyfriend) kept telling me he was getting me a mop for Christmas. When we went to exchange gifts, he brought out a new mop wrapped up – luckily there were diamond earrings attached to it.
    -Becky D


  4. We relocated to OK from NJ, bought a new home, moved cross country (with two little boys in tow!) to surprise my mom, who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer just the month before. My entire family was in on the surprise and helped us move and unpack and even helped choose the new home we were to move into. To get my mom to our new home, my extended family used ” Christmas caroling” as the reason they were going to some unknown house. I think my aunt said it was a dear friend of hers…When they rang the doorbell my oldest son, then just 5, opened it and we were all standing behind him. My mom was totally confused and even asked “whose house we were in” !!! When we explained that we had moved and that it was our new home she was in shock! She actually had to sit down. It was a moment that I knew would be with all of us forever. It was the best Christmas gift I have ever given/ and received all at the same time. My mom passed away two years after we moved back home. Way beyond what the dr ‘s anticipated and she became a grandmother 2 more times during those years! She also LOVED telling this story to complete strangers!!! Seems very fitting! lol We cherish these moments and celebrate who she was, especially at Christmas time. Thanks for letting me share.


  5. The signature heart necklace from Tiffany’s in NYC. My children had visited right before Christmas and bought me the necklace from their visit!!!


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